christian one more match

Following his return, Christian teases one more match beyond last night’s Rumble. And the 2021 Royal Rumble made history last night, collectively and for some select Superstars.

Christian Teases One More Match

Christian was one of a handful of surprise entrant’s in the 2021 men’s Royal Rumble, and now Christian teases one more match.

To be fair, this wouldn’t be the first time Christian teased one more match.

christian one more match

During his brief involvement in the Orton-Edge 2020 program, Christian teased one more match then, too.

During a post-match backstage interview with, Christian once again teased one more match.

Could Captain Charisma get that desired farewell match this year?

Christian did fare well in the 2021 Rumble, after all. While he entered in the latter half of the match, he did make it to be one of the last few out.

With WrestleMania once again spanning two nights for 2021, WWE will want to fill both evenings with attractive matches.

Could a farewell match for Christian be one of the possibilities? It seems it might be, and his showing on Sunday didn’t do anything to make anyone say no.

Royal Rumble Made History

Every year, WWE talks about all the history with the Royal Rumble. Well, the Royal Rumble made history again this year.

Some of it was good. Some of it wasn’t so much.

Other history made was just…unique.

Let’s start with the unique, shall we?

Randy Orton entered the Rumble at #2, when Edge and he flip-flopped. He was sent to the back due to injury, but returned to end up as the last man eliminated.

In doing so, Randy Orton became the person who was in a Rumble the longest, without a single elimination. Pretty interesting footnote, though easier to do when you spend most of your time in the trainer’s room.

The Superstar who eliminated him, Edge? He made history of his own, too.

With his win, Edge became the first Superstar to win the Rumble match after his Hall of Fame induction.

The women’s match winner, Bianca Belair, also made some history of her own.

According to the Wrestling Observer, the men’s match made some less positive history as well: this year was the oldest Rumble ever.

As in, the average age of the Superstars was the oldest ever. Only Otis and Dominik Mysterio checked in at under 30.

This one was a bit surprising to me, as I felt less annoyed at the men’s entrants than the women’s, because the men had seemingly far fewer Legends in the mix.

At the same time, there was only one NXT Superstar in the men’s match.

For comparison, the second oldest Rumble? That would be last year’s event.

Hard to build up younger Superstars when they aren’t included in the Rumble, though at least some new faces did get chances to shine (like Damian Priest and Riddle).