wwe ruins superstars wedding

WWE gets blamed for lots of things, and now we can add WWE ruins a Superstar’s wedding to the list. Also, Natalya enjoys a major milestone.

WWE Ruins Superstar’s Wedding

Many people have blamed WWE for many things, so here’s another: now, WWE ruins a Superstar’s wedding.

More specifically, a Superstar’s wife is making that claim.

The Superstar? Drake Maverick.

 wwe ruins superstars wedding

Who can forget how WWE leveraged Maverick’s wedding as part of the 24/7 Championship storyline? It was a big part of the belt’s programming during 2019.

Well, now Maverick’s wife, Renee Michelle, has spoken out on how WWE ruined her wedding.

According to the chat, shared on Hannibal TV, Michelle learned of the angle only a couple days prior to the big day.

What’s worse, she said she only learned of some additional details mere hours before the ceremony!

While the Wrestling Observer had noted that the actual wrestling action may have been recorded after the fact, it does not change something for Renee Michelle.

According to her, WWE ruined her wedding. It’s hard to argue that, though it’s also somewhat shocking that the then bride-to-be didn’t call the whole plan off.

After all, while she surely was happy to see her husband get major attention, to do so at the expense of such a monumental day is a big ask.

Now, maybe it’s worth asking…how secure does Renee Michelle think Drake Maverick’s WWE job is? It’s not like Vince McMahon is spiteful or anything…

But, if we start to see Maverick go on a lengthy losing streak…or worse…it will be only natural to look back on her claim and wonder. WWE may have ruined her wedding…but did she just sink her husband’s career?

It wasn’t that long ago that we saw Lana go through months worth of tables, which we were told was part of a push, following Rusev landing in AEW. How’s Lana’s push looking now?

Natalya Enjoys Major Milestone

Natalya recently got to enjoy another major milestone, though this one almost flew under the radar.

The Queen of Harts is already a tremendously accomplished Superstar. Though she may not be matching the number of title reigns of some other multi-generational Superstars, she’s got serious credentials.


We already knew she had the most wins of any WWE female. Now, as of last week, she has added another major milestone.

That is a seriously impressive milestone. What is almost more impressive is that someone actually tracked and shared it, because with most professional wrestling, things like wins and losses aren’t always that tracked.

They certainly aren’t talked about all that much, unless the notion of a winning or losing streak suits the narrative.

But for Natalya, the longest tenured female and one of the longest tenured Superstars at this point, she has earned congratulations.

It’s another major milestone, in a career that is collecting major milestones with great frequency now.