Drake Maverick Impressing + Footage Of R-Truth’s Win

One thing the 24/7 title has done, is give some talent a chance to do things they weren't otherwise getting. Drake Maverick is taking advantage of it.

-Plenty has been said about the newest WWE championship, the 24/7 belt. While the championship has changed hands several times already, the man who has the longest reign, the most reigns, and (as of this writing) the current reign is R-Truth.

Throughout the first few weeks of life, some performers have stood out thanks to the 24/7 program. Apparently, no one has impressed more than diminutive Drake Maverick. reports that Maverick has done well with things of late, impressing folks within WWE as he has come up with and produced a lot of his title chase material on his own.

It would be nice to see Maverick get a bit more to do. While he does keep busy on 205 Live, he has not had much to do on the main roster shows of late. Once the Authors of Pain were off TV due to injury, Maverick found himself with some spare time.

It will be interesting to see if this translates into something more for Maverick-such as an actual 24/7 Championship title reign-though that doesn’t necessarily mean much, considering how brief the reigns have been for some. Just ask Elias or Jinder Mahal.

-Speaking of the 24/7 Championship and Elias…If you caught SmackDown this week, you know that we saw Elias claim the championship from R-Truth.

However, this latest reign was incredibly short-lived. Following his win, Elias was pummeled by all the would-be 24/7 contenders, who had just served as lumberjacks. He intended to escape under the ring, but was instead caught there by former champion R-Truth, who then emerged from under the ring as the champ once again.

WWE has now released footage from under the ring, allowing us to know exactly how R-Truth reclaimed his title.

On one hand, it’s pretty interesting, and either great camera work (or someone told them where to be and when…). On the other hand, it was kind of fun knowing that he won it, without actually seeing how.

While the title has gotten a lot of flak, moments like that at least keep it entertaining.

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