Mickie James done wrestling

It was just late last year that Mickie James last wrestled, and on this week’s RAW, she appeared as a legend, so is Mickie James done wrestling? Also, Matt Hardy has an issue with the Hardy Bros tag team.

Is Mickie James Done Wrestling

Until this week’s RAW, Mickie James had not been seen in several months. So is Mickie James done wrestling?

It is a valid question to ask, considering she went from Superstar to, apparently, Legend.

Mickie James done wrestling

WWE advertised her as a Legend for the Legends edition of RAW after all.

So, is Mickie James done wrestling?

Mickie James did seem unhappy with WWE in recent months, and the categorization as a Legend may not have gone over well.

However, Mickie James is not done wrestling.

According to Inside The Ropes, Mickie James is still considered an active Superstar. She has been cleared to return to the ring following an October injury.

Whether WWE wants her to return, and whether Mickie James wants to accept whatever those terms could be? That remains to be seen.

The takeaway here though is that, at least for now, Mickie James is not done wrestling. And, if she wants to and is wanted back, she is cleared to get back into the ring.

Now, with the women’s Royal Rumble just a few weeks away, an in-ring return for Mickie James does not seem so far away.

Mickie’s long term future may not be as a future champion, but she is not done wrestling yet.

Matt Hardy Has Issue With Hardy Bros

Matt Riddle is trying hard to form the Hardy Bros team with Jeff Hardy, but not everyone likes the idea. Specifically, Matt Hardy has issues with the Hardy Bros name.

Now, of course, there is nothing official…the Hardy Bros is merely a name which Riddle has tossed out.

Matt Hardy Upset

To be fair, Riddle has tossed a ton of names (and other business ideas) out there against the wall dying to see which ones stick.

If we are asking Matt Hardy, he’s hoping the Hardy Bros is not one of them.

Hardy, speaking on his YouTube channel and as reported via Bleacher Report, ripped the idea.

Specifically, Matt Hardy said even floating the idea of a Hardy Bros team is as bad or even worse than when WWE trotted out fake Diesel and fake Razor Ramon.

Hardy feels that this is all the work of Vince McMahon, with Vince desperate to recapture or recreate the magic of the Hardy Boyz.

Of course, the AEW star and former WWE Tag Team Champion went on to say that McMahon is trying to copy “the greatest tag team in the history of tag teams” (I am paraphrasing that).

Now, while Matt and Jeff Hardy will go down as one of the best of their generation…I don’t even know if they were the best of their generation, let alone of all time.

For my taste, I am likely going with the Dudley Boyz over the Hardy Boyz, but there is a debate to be made.

At least we know where Matt Hardy stands on that debate.