fresh faces for smackdown

Daniel Bryan is seeking fresh faces for SmackDown, so we could see NXT call ups soon. Also, how long is Trent out from AEW?

Daniel Bryan Seeks Fresh Faces For SmackDown

Daniel Bryan is making the most of his dual role with the blue brand, and now we are hearing that Daniel Bryan seeks fresh faces for SmackDown.

How fresh? It seems that Daniel Bryan is pushing for more NXT call ups.

fresh faces for smackdown

Now, with Bryan sitting in the writer’s room when he’s not in the ring, he may have a chance to bring about those call ups.

We’ve already been hearing of some who were almost called up. That close call could be a sign of something on the horizon.

Now, the down side of that is, Damian Priest was supposed to come to SmackDown last week, but that changed. Now, while Priest does seem destined for the main roster…it may be RAW instead.

In addition to the impending arrival of Damien Priest to somewhere…Rhea Ripley is due up soon too.

It’s a great time for call ups, of course. The Royal Rumble is later this month, and we usually see some NXT talent show off and jump up.

The more exciting part though, goes back to the Wrestling Observer’s report. With one of SmackDown’s top writers (Daniel Bryan) pushing for more NXT talent on the blue brand…there’s perhaps no better time.

At this point, in theory, it couldn’t hurt. Well, maybe it could…considering how many NXT call ups have ended up not panning out.

The handling of NXT talent once it hits RAW or SmackDown is a hot topic of debate, of course. But regardless of that, beyond Priest and Ripley, NXT does have several notable options to call up.

Could you see Adam Cole and Undisputed Era on Fridays? How about the recently returned Karrion Kross?

If Bryan wants fresh faces for SmackDown, and he gets his wish, there are several fresh faces to look forward to.

How Long Is Trent Out

Injuries are a part of life and especially a part of professional wrestling. With an injury of his own, how long is Trent out from AEW?

AEW recently ran an angle on Dynamite to help cover Trent’s expected time away from the ring. To determine just how long he will be out, we turn to the Observer’s report.

Specifically, Trent suffered a partially torn pectoral muscle.

That partially torn bit is especially important.

So how long is Trent out for? Several months if all goes well.

The current time frame looks to be between four and five months, depending on how well he heals. The positive side of things here is that it was only partially torn-that means no surgery required.

Dodging surgery shortens the time. This is all banking on everything going smoothly of course.

Should Trent suffer a setback, or not recover as expected, things could change. For now, expect Trent out till about mid-2021.

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