new nxt show coming

There will be a new NXT show coming soon, and an NXT UK Superstar is going to be taking time off.

New NXT Show Coming

For anyone who is a fan of NXT, then here’s an early Christmas present: a new NXT show is coming.

While nothing has been announced or confirmed, all signs are pointing to exactly that.

According to Wrestling Inc., Triple H has been lining up the budget to run another NXT-related show. This show would be driven by Gabe Sapolsky, who made a name for himself with EVOLVE.

new nxt show coming

As you may know, EVOLVE and WWE have been working together for some time, so the relationship is there. Leveraging someone like Sapolsky for a new show is a smart move.

Per the report, this show would be a kind of pre-NXT.

Or, if you’d prefer, a minor league show.

As in, a show to give Superstars a time to shine, before they jump up to NXT proper.

It’s an interesting concept, especially now in the midst of a global pandemic. WWE talent (and wrestlers in general) don’t have nearly as many chances to work shows now as they did a year ago.

With just a couple live hours every week on USA, it’s hard to give young, green talent TV time on the NXT flagship show.

However, if another show existed-perhaps WWE Network only, much like NXT was originally-there would be more chances.

Plus, by utilizing Gabe Sapolsky, Triple H could be ensuring his new NXT show is not only coming soon, but sticking around for a while.

Of course, at least one fan did note that, if they basically want to run an NXT feeder show, with the former head of EVOLVE…why not just keep EVOLVE?

Superstar Taking Time Off

While WWE may be making plans for a new NXT show, one Superstar won’t be around for it right away. Specifically, one NXT Superstar is taking some time off.

That Superstar? WWE’s NXT UK Superstar Trent Seven.

Seven has been a presence in NXT and in NXT UK over the past several years, both as a singles competitor and in the tag team ranks.

He recently competed-and nearly won-NXT UK’s Heritage Cup competition. Following that, Seven shared a message with fans of NXT UK.

There is no word on how long Seven will be out of sight, but it sounds like he needs to step away and re-focus.

This could lead to a re-packaging of sorts, leading to a new, fresh Trent Seven returning in 2021.