indie talent claims he was disrespected and underpaid at AEW

Indie talent Dylan Bostic posted on social media this week that he was disrespected and underpaid by AEW staff. However, the social media message did not go down well at all!

Dylan Bostic Claims He Was Disrespected And Underpaid At AEW

Dylan Bostic AEW

Dylan Bostic made some strong claims against AEW staff this week. The wrestler posted the following on social media to show his discontent.

“I was paid $80 for each night in Indianapolis and Champaign. They cut the pay $120 for each night with no warning or communication to me. In Champaign, I was disrespected by two of the backstage producers and treated as if I shouldn’t be there. I don’t care about the money I care more about the lack of respect and professionalism. If I wasn’t invited to be there by someone I really respect and love as a person I would have stuck up for myself but I felt like I couldn’t. You can paint me out to be the bad guy but I was the one that remained professional even though my wages were cut 60% and I was treated like s**t. WHAT WOULD YOU DO?”

The message posted by Bostic did not go down well with fellow wrestlers. After all, the timing of the message came at a really horrible time.

Bostic posted the social media message in the same week Brodie Lee died. Evidently, this caused a lot of anger with AEW wrestlers.

Britt Baker D.M.D. Lashes Out At Bostic

Britt Baker D.M.D.

Britt Baker D.M.D. took to social media herself to say her piece. She lashed out at the wrestler for being insensitive. 

“What a sick human to post this (and tag the people you did) today. The wrestling world is mourning the loss of an amazing friend, husband, and father and your bitching about $120? If you were so concerned about professionalism why did you show up in ripped jeans and a t-shirt?”

Bostic removed the message from social media soon after the backlash began. In fact, the wrestler was trolled heavily for his post by fans.

In addition to Britt Baker, other wrestlers jumped on the bandwagon. They all gave Dylan what for.

The Bad Boy Joey Janela said the following on social media:

“Tbh it’s still $80 more than you were ever paid to wrestle…”

Ricky Starks would also take to social media, but he was less subtle with his retaliation.

“Bro, do me a favor and shut the f*** up.”

Needless to say, AEW wrestlers are fuming about the comments. Not only did he attack their brand, he also did it at a time when wrestlers suffered the loss of a friend.

Of course, fans should not resort to bullying or trolling Bostic on social media. At the end of the day, one should not resort to such measures and lower themselves to that standard. 

While Bostic made a horrible decision, he is still a human being. Let’s hope he learned his lesson when it comes to commenting on AEW during one of the most horrible times of the year.