who attacked jon moxley

The AEW Champion did not make it to the ring on last weel’s AEW Dynamite, so who attacked Jon Moxley backstage? Also, was a big RAW match ending botched this week?

Who Attacked Jon Moxley

The AEW Champion was due in the ring for a contract signing segment on last week’s Dynamite, but he never made it. So who attacked Jon Moxley?

One astute observer checked out the footage again, and believes to have solved that latest wrestling “whodunnit”.

who attacked jon moxley

This comes from a Reddit user, as observed via a fan on Twitter and relayed through Ringside News.

The implication is, of course, that the positioning could be coincidental. Or, it could be a subtle hint at who actually did lay out the AEW Champion.

For those needing it a bit more spelled out, the implication is that the attack might have been perpetrated by AEW star “Hangman” Adam Page.

Of course, for now it’s purely speculation. It’s entirely possible that Moxley just was more comfortable in that position and there’s no hidden meaning.

Of course, if there is a hidden meaning, we might hear more on that topic on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

Was Big RAW Match Ending Botched

If you caught RAW this week, you caught a solid tag team title match, even if it did have the weird ending and re-start. But was the big RAW match ending botched?

Now, according to the Wrestling Observer, the ending where Xavier Woods secured the win? That’s not the botch in question.

According to the Observer report, the botch was in the double count-out.

The planned ending was a count-out, giving the win to the Hurt Business. However, sometimes the best written script does not go as planned, as is what happened on RAW.

This botch was heard through the announcers during the show. The ring announcer called it a double count out, but Michael Cole tried to convey it as a count-out win for The Hurt Business.

MVP, as wise as he is, realized the issue and called the audible. In doing so, we got a re-started match.

In the grand scheme of things, the end result was the same: The New Day still retained the RAW Tag Team Championships.

How they did it doesn’t seem to have followed the script. With all that in mind, if the reported botch is true, it is a big one.

As big a botch as it may have been, however, it would serve as a shining example of just how talented those five men are who were involved.

Or, some fans floated another interesting theory:

What if this wasn’t a botch, but all part of a plan? After all, usually it’s the heels happy to take a count-out loss if it means keeping the belts.

Usually it’s the babyfaces that cajole the heels about a cheap win.

Add to that, the fact that it was a seemingly heel Hurt Business that stood up to the absolutely heel Retribution?

There could be something to the idea of early signs of a double turn.



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