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Video of a monstrous Florida alligator who came out for a stroll across a Naples golf course during Tropical Storm Eta is taking social media by storm. The beast is so massive that people wondered if it was all photoshopped, but it’s actually real.

Golf pro Tyler Stolting captured the viral video. The gator was out for an adventure terrifying anyone at the Valencia Golf and Country Club during the tropical storm.

Stolting said he has seen other gators on the course, but nothing as huge as this one. Rather than calling animal control, he just watched the beast crawl into the water. 

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Godzilla-Like Gator

Mere screenshots of this Godzilla-like creature will haunt your dreams.

The internet immediately took notice of the beast. Not only is he long, but his long legs showed prominently as he strolled across the course.

Naturally memes sprouted up like the one below comparing it to something you would see at Jurassic Park.

“Out corner of my eye. I had to do a double take,” Stolting says. “I didn’t really know what it was so I tried to get a little closer and then I’m like ‘Woah!’”

“I don’t even think the video does it justice, in person it looked gigantic, it really looks like a Jurassic Park creature,” the golf pro continued. 

Al The Florida Alligator

People who live nearby are familiar with this reptilian wonder. They call him Al. He doesn’t cause anyone trouble as long as they don’t get to close to him.

Of course, who would want to go anywhere near such a creature. He likely would send golfers back to the clubhouse. 

You can watch the video in the tweet below.

Al isn’t the only Florida alligator to capture such attention.

Chubbs crawls out of the reservoir every year to mate and strolls around Buffalo Creek golf course in Palmetto.

Chubbs is estimated to be 16 feet long. If Al blew your mind, you’ve got to see Chubbs too!

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