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Golfers in Florida got a shock of a lifetime when an enormous alligator interrupted their game. Video of the Godzilla looking gator is quite stunning.

It just casually strolls through the golf course in Palmetto, Florida as if it owns the place. This gator is so big that I can imagine it scaling a building. Check out the video below!

The person who uploaded the video stated:

Nothing like a few good swings with the golf club to get your day started. But that’s not what got the man behind the camera, Charles A Helms, excited. While enjoying a round of golf, Charles and his friend were being flagged down by other golfers who were pointing to this giant alligator on the third fairway.

Everyone knows that alligators are dangerous, there are several different videos online to show how vicious their bite is. That is why everyone just let this monster of a reptile do its thing, until it was a safe distance away. The crazy thing was the sheer size of this beast. Alligators aren’t obviously little guys, but no one would generally thing that they’d ever see one that big. It’s crazy!

If you are ever in close quarters with an alligator, make sure not to panic, and slowly get out. Do not interact with these guys. The people in this video did the correct thing. But oh my, that was a massive gator!

Leave it to a giant alligator to finally make golf a little exciting. He would scare me right off the course! This gator is known locally by the name Chubbs. The golf course manager believes he is about 16 feet long! You can see another video of this Godzilla like creature by clicking here!

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