alligators fighting golf course viral video

Golfers on a South Carolina golf course got a big shock when they discovered two enormous alligators fighting on the 18th hole. The now viral video showcases the strength of the mighty beasts. And is a great reminder to stay away from them!

The Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes in Hardeeville was the scene of this big rumble and feats of strength. Golfing in Hilton Head comes with the risk of encountering a gator.

These beasts may not be as colossal as Chubbs the Godzilla-like alligator. But they are quite large and disturbingly strong.

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Fortunately instead of taking on a golfer, these gators took on each other. 

Viral Video Of Two Alligators Trying To Bite Each Other’s Heads Off

Video of this alligator fight is now viral with hundreds of thousands of views. It’s not every day that you see two alligators trying to rip each other’s heads off and makes for some must see TV.

Even when they were violating twisting around, these gators wouldn’t let go of each other’s heads. 

From Fox 28 Media

The 14-second clip shows the alligators clamping down on one another with their jaws. According to the Journal of Experimental Biology, American alligators generate some of the highest measured bite forces among extant tetrapods.

The video was posted by the golf club on May 21. So far, the video has been shared 10,000 times. People have commented things like, “I will never golf again but I certainly wouldn’t golf where dinosaurs are fighting it out” to wanting to see more of the two fighting it out.

The Golf Club posted a short video of the encounter on Facebook saying, “Sudden death playoff on the 18 yesterday! Keep your eyes open out there, the course is full of wildlife!”

Imagine teeing off and witnessing this magnificent battle. It looks like something out of “Jurassic Park!” You can watch it below. 

Golfers And Alligators

Golfers in the South witness some strange wildlife encounters.

In 2018, golfers in Naples, Florida saw a Burmese python taking on a huge alligator. These snakes are not native to Florida so this was not a natural enemy of the gator.

Golfers continued their game as the beasts tangled with each other. It’s absolutely surreal to watch.

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Nature can be amazing and entertaining.

It also can be deadly, so proceed with caution and steer clear of alligators and keep your eyes open when you’re on the golf course.

You never know when you might capture a viral video!