Daniel Bryan injuries revealed after Jey Uso attack

The WWE released an injury report for Daniel Bryan after the brutal attack on him at the hands of Jey Uso. And it looks like the company is working towards a feud! 

Daniel Bryan Suffered Attack By Jey Uso

Daniel Bryan

At the end of Friday Night SmackDown Daniel Bryan was attacked by Jey Uso. Now, the WWE revealed the injury report for Daniel Bryan.

The WWE claimed Bryan complained of lower abdominal and back pain. He was then allegedly transported to a hospital in Orlando, Florida.

The company continued to state that Bryan suffered “multiple strains and contusions.” Of course, this statement is undoubtedly part of a storyline.

It is likely that Bryan will head into a feud with Jey Uso. The latter was recently defeated by his cousin Roman Reigns.

Now that Jey Uso has fallen in line with Roman’s new rule, the sky’s the limit for the Samoan family. And this win is interesting for more than one reason.

What will happen to the bond between Jey and Roman once Jimmy returns? And what would happen if The Rock appeared?

The newly found dominance of Roman Reigns could lead to a possible feud between Roman and The Rock in the future. It all depends if the company can land the Hollywood star for a special appearance. 

In short, the sky’s the limit for Roman. And now that Bryan is seemingly facing Roman, it seems Bryan is getting the spotlight once again, too. 

Jey Uso Moving Away From Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso

Since Roman Reigns beat Jey , Jey had to fall in line and follow Reign’s commands. Naturally, this led to Jey attacking Bryan.

It is currently unclear whether Bryan will face Jey or Roman Reigns. But once again, Bryan will be playing the part of the underdog.

Reigns is certainly collecting his family members in what could arguably be a faction. Of course, this opens a bunch of new rivalries and feuds.

Roman has been top dog in the WWE for some time. Evidently, this also means that finding fresh and new feuds is hard.

But with Jey Uso officially joining his cousin, then a new heel faction could become more prominent. 

However, we might have to wait a little before we see a feud between Roman and Bryan. After all, Roman is scheduled to take on Randy Orton at Survivor Series

Nevertheless, Daniel Bryan is the perfect opponent for heel Reigns. In fact, there is nobody better than babyface Bryan to get the crowd going.

The heel turn of Roman Reigns has certainly done wonders for his career. Even as a face, Roman drew a lot of heat from the crowd.

So, heel Roman is a much better choice for future storylines. However, he might not face Bryan until TLC or the Royal Rumble in January.

As it stands, it does not look like there will be a live crowd at the pay-per-views anytime soon. So, it looks like this rivalry will take place through the ThunderDome. 

Either way, we cannot wait to see what will happen next!

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