andrew yang vince mcmahon

WWE has been getting heat for how the company handles it’s Superstars, and now Andrew Yang is coming for Vince McMahon. Plus, one NXT Superstar is quite highly regarded within the company.

Andrew Yang Coming For Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon has been making some interesting employment-related news of late, and now Andrew Yang is coming for Vince McMahon.

Some of Vince McMahon’s recent attention-getting moves?

andrew yang vince mcmahon

Well, the Twitch stance is probably the biggest news-maker, and one of the more recent.

The idea that WWE Superstars are independent contractors as opposed to employees? That one has been around for a while.

Recently, a former Superstar made news for discussing what WWE wouldn’t pay for, but other promotions would.

Now, in the latest move, Vince McMahon and WWE released Zelina Vega. That move came when Vega posted a pro-unionization comment on social media.

Within hours, Vega was released.

That move has not gone unnoticed. Andrew Yang, a former candidate for President of the United States on the Democratic side of things, had words for the WWE owner.

You may recall that Yang had comments about WWE Superstar employment status during his campaign. Now, in light of recent events, Yang said that he has not forgotten about McMahon.

With WWE telling Superstars to cease using things like Twitch and Cameo, politicians like Yang are seeing an opportunity to take a pro-labor stance.

Following Vega’s release, things may be coming to a head.

Forgetting about which parties Yang and McMahon align with, this will be an interesting battle.

WWE has long been a place where the company owns the characters, and treats it’s talent like independent contractors. If you are a top draw, you are a god in the company.

If you aren’t? Well, there are plenty of tales out there showing how things go.

Will Andrew Yang finally be the one to slay the McMahon beast? He certainly seems willing to try.

NXT Superstar Highly Regarded

NXT has been great at providing the main roster with talent. Right now, one NXT Superstar is highly regarded among his peers.

That news comes from Fightful.

The site occasionally polls Superstars, and in this instance, the ask was within NXT. The one getting the most comments may surprise you, but perhaps it should not.

The idea was to see which Superstars get most recognized by their peers. In the most recent ask, Dexter Lumis was the one NXT talent who was most highly regarded.

Many of his peers commented on his work ethic, noting that he constantly exhibited a drive to improve.

That hard work is starting to pay off. Lumis has become a top Superstar for the Wednesday show.

As Dexter Lumis becomes more involved in the storylines of the black and yellow brand, it’s easy to see why this NXT Superstar is so highly regarded.

While he may not be quite ready for a main roster jump, it’s also not hard to picture Lumis making that jump before long.