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Reason WWE Changed Riddle’s Name, Vince McMahon’s Netflix Deal

What was the reason wwe changed Riddle's name? It may surprise you. Also, what's up with Vince McMahon's big Netflix deal?

Another WWE Superstar had their named changed this here’s a reason WWE changed Riddle’s name. Plus, news on Vince McMahon’s big Netflix deal.

Reason WWE Changed Riddle’s Name

We reported earlier that WWE had dropped Matt Riddle’s first name, with the Superstar just going by Riddle now. Here’s at least one reason WWE changed Riddle’s name.

While it is insightful, I also think it’s a bit funny. I wasn’t alone…

 WWE Changed Riddle's Name,
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According to the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon wanted to drive Riddle into a more serious character. The dropping of his first name, however, was believed to be linked to other motivations.

Such as, Vince McMahon wants to push Riddle so that fans interested in searching for Riddle won’t immediately land on Matt Riddle’s past.

Like, the sexual abuse allegations and subsequent lawsuits.

Understandably, if one was to search the Internet for Matt Riddle, the returned pages vary from when you just search for Riddle.

Now, that doesn’t mean it will stay that way forever. With the Internet being forever, anything linked to Matt Riddle will be out there to be found.

Surely it’s only a matter of time before some fans realize Riddle is still Matt Riddle, and Matt Riddle has a far more interesting set of search results.

There may be other, not yet revealed reasons for the adjustment to the name. For me, for now, considering how long he’s been running as Matt Riddle…I have my doubts it will keep the negative stuff hidden for long.

Vince McMahon’s Netflix Deal

Want some unexpected and big news? How about Vince McMahon’s big Netflix deal.

Yes, Vince McMahon-who owns and operates a streaming service-just signed a deal to have content made for…a streaming service.

On one hand, it’s bizarre, because wouldn’t you expect WWE to continue to push fresh content onto it’s own platform. Such a move would seem to make a ton of sense.

Vince McMahon's WrestleMania 37
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On the other hand, it’s likely a shrewd move.  Netflix is working with Mr. McMahon to produce a multi-part documentary on his life and how he elevated WWE to what it is today.

WWE Studios will still be involved. And Netflix has far broader reach than WWE Studios.

So, if Vince McMahon and WWE can make content with and for Netflix, such content will potentially reach a lot more eyeballs.

By potentially reaching many more eyes than ever before…including eyes that previously didn’t know or care for professional wrestling…has to be seen as good for business. Or, it could be.

Why? Imagine if you are someone who has never heard of the McMahon’s, and possibly aren’t too familiar with WWE either.

Now, you are surfing Netflix, and this documentary series gets recommended to you. Now, you are intrigued, for one reason or another.

Perhaps, just maybe, getting a hit series on Netflix will attract new viewers to WWE, or bring back old ones who moved on from the product.

In any case, it’s a big deal to have WWE sell the series to Netflix, and it will be interesting to watch it once available.

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