Matt Riddle Admits Affair

The Original Bro of WWE has been a hot topic lately. Matt Riddle’s surprise announcement today certainly will not change that.

Also, we’ve learned of an aborted Charlotte Flair feud that was in the plans, had the former champion not elected to take time off.

Matt Riddle Admits To Affair

The Original Bro has been a bit of a lightning rod for most of his time on the WWE roster, and even his time in UFC before that. Matt Riddle’s surprise announcement on Wednesday morning won’t change that much.

Riddle has made waves in the past about his feelings toward some well-established WWE Superstars and Legends. Initially, it seemed that his bravado was going to cost him.

Matt Riddle's Surprise Announcement

We learned recently that he actually has a fan in the best spot of the company-Vince McMahon himself. 

Perhaps we may see The Original Bro take down Brock Lesnar after all?

All of that is going on while Matt Riddle’s name surfaced in the rash of recent #SpeakingOut accusations. Riddle was accused by indie wrestler Candy Cartwright of sexually assaulting her.

The Original Bro, for his part, had remained largely silent on the matter. He did release a statement through his attorney, and has said that he is actually being stalked by Cartwright.

Well, The Original Bro is silent no more.

Matt Riddle’s surprise announcement Wednesday morning came in the form of a video posted to social media.

In this, he does make a shocking announcement-he admits to having an affair with Cartwright.

His explanation seems genuine enough, and if his allegations of being stalked are deemed true, then that is a whole different scenario.

It is entirely possible that Riddle is still deflecting and denying…but coming clean about an affair is no small thing. WWE has cut loose other talents hit with allegations, leading most to believe that the accusations against them had merit.

That Riddle has been accused but remains with the company makes me think WWE has reviewed the details and believes his explanation is closer to truth than not.

It’s a big gamble in a sense. If it comes out that Riddle was not being honest in this video explanation, it will blow up on him even worse.

Big Charlotte Flair Feud Planned

Shortly after Charlotte Flair dropped her NXT Championship, she opted to take some time off. We had heard of a major program that had been planned, but did not know what.

Now, we know more about this aborted Charlotte Flair feud.

The plan was to have Charlotte feud with current RAW Women’s Champion Asuka.

According to the Wrestling Observer, this future feud is why Flair did not lose in NXT, and was not pinned for the title.

Asuka, of course, went undefeated during her entire NXT run, and while she did drop the NXT Championship, she relinquished it due to injury.

Neither woman officially lost her NXT Championship. WWE may have an eye toward that as fuel for the future feud.

There have been rumblings that Charlotte Flair may be out until 2021, but nothing is confirmed. Unless plans drastically change, it would not be a surprise to see WWE run with this feud when Flair does return.