jim ross disappointed in hhh

Former WWE fixture Jim Ross recently discussed being disappointed in HHH many years ago. Also, WWE may have an issue with AJ Styles’ new bodyguard already.

Jim Ross Dissappointed In HHH

Jim Ross may now work for AEW, but as he is a great storyteller. He recently revealed, via his Grilling JR podcast, that Jim Ross was disappointed in HHH during a prior run with WWE.

To set things up, recall that Jim Ross wasn’t just the voice of WWE. Good ol’ JR also served as an executive and handled lots of talent-related issues.

jim ross disappointed in hhh

One thing he was involved with during his best WWE years? Contract negotiations-including that of Hunter Hearst Helmsley.

JR and HHH at one point had a good relationship, but that changed in 2005.

As Jim Ross detailed in his Grilling JR podcast, it was in 2005 when Ross was fired. As in, fired on air, and then fired for real.

It was during this time that Ross became disappointed in the future WWE Hall of Famer. But why was Ross disappointed in HHH, who outwardly had nothing to do with JR’s firing?

Because, as Ross puts it, he felt that Hunter did not stand up for him, after Ross had gone to bat for the WWE Superstar.

In the grand scheme of things, the cold analysis of events since would have to say that things worked out quite well for Triple H. His status within WWE has only grown exponentially.

Jim Ross still remains a legendary figure within professional wrestling, of course. He just works for a different company now.

Issue With AJ Styles Bodyguard

If you caught RAW, you likely noticed a new and massive presence behind The Phenomenal One. However, despite his imposing presence, there may already be an issue with AJ Styles’ bodyguard.

Jordan Omogbehin is not new to WWE fans. We’ve seen him most recently as the bouncer for RAW Underground.

With that segment on ice, perhaps permanently, WWE wanted to make use of the 7 foot 3 inch Superstar. So now, he’s AJ Styles’ bodyguard.

It’s not a bad idea, in theory. There have been other notable bodyguards who have gone on to great things-like, say, Diesel.

However, according to the Wrestling Observer, there is an issue with AJ Styles bodyguard.

The issue?

In ring, Jordan Omogbehin may not be any good.

According to the Observer’s report, we need to keep in mind that Jordan Omogbehin has been part of WWE since 2018. He came into the Performance Center alongside several other current WWE Superstars.

However, in the two years he’s been in the WWE pipeline, outside of limited roles, we’ve never seen him work a television match. Not on NXT, and certainly not on RAW.

His big moments on tv so far? They involve him standing around and looking imposing, which is not much to ask for given his stature.

However, he’s apparently not worked a televised match, even while around NXT, because he doesn’t move well or work well. If that is the case, it will be interesting to see what WWE’s plans are for him long-term.

To be fair, while Omogbehin was a college athlete, finding a man as big as him who can move well in the ring is not easy.

That said, we have to consider that while he’s had a couple years of training, he is still green compared to others. While he may never correct his in-ring issues, he could be considered a work in progress.

Meaning that, while maybe he never pans out…maybe he does.


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