huge wwe match scrapped

Due to the ongoing global pandemic, a huge WWE match was scrapped. Also, Retribution is confirmed to be down one member, permanently.

Huge WWE Match Scrapped

Here are two things we know to be true: Vince McMahon loves big names in big matches, and Drew McIntyre and Tyson Fury have been teasing something for a while. Now, we also know a huge WWE match was scrapped.

huge wwe match scrapped

Which match? Well, McIntyre versus Fury, of course.

Due to the current global situation, the match remains possible, but only a dream for the moment.

What may actually end up being a more interesting side note to that report? According to the Wrestling Observer, that possible McIntyre-Fury clash was going to headline a major UK PPV.

Of course, this is all rumor and whatnot. No major PPV was ever announced for the UK, and with no fans in arenas any time soon, such a huge match seems unlikely in an empty area.

I am resigned to the fact we will get Tyson Fury in a WWE ring again at some point. Honestly, his prior appearances weren’t that bad, so perhaps this will impress me too.

So, it’s a bit of a bummer we have to wait for that match.

But it is a massive bummer that a substantial UK PPV was scrapped because of the global pandemic. Many fans, this one included, have been hoping to get a major show overseas for years now.

Retribution Confirmed Down One Member

Earlier, it was rumored that Retribution was losing a member already. Now, we know: Retribution is confirmed to be down one member.

That missing member is Mercedes Martinez.

The confirmation comes by way of PWInsider.

Per the report, there’s been no official explanation as to why, but Mercedes Martinez has been returned to NXT.

On an interesting twist, her Retribution moniker (Retaliation) was in the current Superstar Draft pool.

There’s no word on if Retribution will replace Martinez in order to maintain two strong leading females, or if they will just move on as if she was never there.

It’s also entirely possible WWE picks someone else and gives them the Retaliation moniker instead. Considering how fluid the roster of Retribution has been from week to week, that move wouldn’t be entirely crazy.

Still, it will be interesting to see if we ever know why Mercedes Martinez was sent back to NXT instead of sticking with the faction.

Though, we shouldn’t be shocked. Looking back at the evolution of Retribution, from week to week, a number of those involved have changed.

I’d like to see the group add another female for a variety of reasons. One obvious one would be, it gives WWE another tag team to challenge for the Women’s Tag Team Championships.

As we’ve learned by now, Retribution is evolving and changing from week to week. If we can’t have Mercedes Martinez in the group, here’s hoping we get someone even bigger and better.