Elias Big WWE Push

After last week’s angle, WWE’s Elias is apparently going to be out months. And, heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury recently spoke to Vince McMahon about another match.

Elias Out Months?

Last week’s SmackDown started with chaos. Elias was on the ground outside the Performance Center after being hit by a car.

An open container was found at the scene, with some information related to Jeff Hardy.

Naturally, the local police found Hardy and arrested him. He was sprung quickly, returning by the end of the episode to confront Sheamus.

As for Elias, he will be missing some in-ring time. Michale Cole kicked off SmackDown this week and stated that Elias will miss a couple months of action.

Of course, Elias was not hit by a car. The entire thing was done to create some new storylines for WWE.

Although, there is no word if something is wrong with Elias. WWE could have shot the angle as a way to write Elias off TV.

Tough break for Elias, who always seems to get tossed to the side. Despite being a hit with fans, Elias has never been given a major storyline.

At the time, Elias and Hardy were both in the semifinals of a tournament to crown a new Intercontinental Champion. As a result of what happened, they were removed from the equation.

Tyson Fury Angling For Another WWE Match

Tyson Fury

When WWE moved SmackDown to FOX, they were looking for ways to grab attention. In came heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury.

He quickly was inserted into an angle with Braun Strowman and they met from Saudi Arabia. Fury got the win via count out.

Apparently, according to Sean Sheehan, Fury spoke directly to Vince McMahon last week. No word on what the conversation revolved around, but Fury’s name carries attention.

After his first and only WWE match, there was talk of working with Fury again. A WrestleMania match was proposed, but that idea was dropped due to COVID-19.

As for boxing, Fury defeated Deontay Wilder. Fury remained undefeated and in the process handed Wilder his first loss.

The two were scheduled for a third meeting this summer, but the virus has paused the sport. As of now, there is no word on when Fury-Wilder III will take place.

The “Gypsy King” and WWE Champion Drew McIntyre have been trading barbs on social media. It could be some honest fun between the two or something WWE wants to book.

A concern might be the price tag. Fury was never cheap to book and his latest win over Wilder has only made that number increase. Like most businesses, WWE is looking to save money.

They had to let go 40% of their staff go due to COVID-19. And, let us not forget how the relaunch of the XFL lasted only five weeks.

While WWE likely wants to work with Fury again, the hefty cost needs to be weighed in. Booking Fury with no crowd does not seem like the best business decision.

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