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An upset Grandma has taken Amazon to task for selling children’s t-shirts displaying written messages that normalize child sexual abuse.

The enormous online store refuses to sell merchandise with confederate flags, but a quick search will list children’s shirts with slogans like “I Love C**K!”

Virginia McSharry saw a friend complain that Amazon was peddling disturbing t-shirts to people in the United States. The Scottish granny did a quick search to see the same thing was happening in the United Kingdom.

Remarkably, the shirts come in children’s sizes and even utilize child size models. Available sizes started at just 2 years old for some of the shirts. 

Hollywood’s Push To Normalize Child Sexual Abuse

This troubling discovery comes at a time when it Hollywood appears to be making a push to normalize the sexualization and abuse of children.

Netflix’s recent launch of “Cuties,” which sexualizes 11-year-old girls, was viewed by many in the industry as revolutionary. Mainstream media outlets even wrote stories claiming YOU were the problem for not supporting “child sexuality”.

Backstory: Netflix Forced To Apologize Over Hyper-Sexualizing Kids In ‘Cuties’

These very explicit shirts for children are being peddled at a very precarious time. Amazon’s network should be able to easily prevent this.

The online retail giant demonstrated as much with the speedy removal of confederate flag and Proud Boys merchandise.

Yet Amazon didn’t remove these. Why? 

I love Cock shirts Amazon

From The Mirror:

Virginia, a full-time carer, believes the products pose a risk of ‘sexualising’ young children and accused the online retailer of ‘promoting paedophilia’ by allowing the products on their platform.

She said: “I’m shocked to the core about this. It’s all very, very sinister.

“I was horrified. I can’t even believe they’re selling them anywhere.

“Who designs a t-shirt, or a coat, or a bag, for a two-year-old child that says that?

“This is promoting paedophilia as it’s sexualising kids.

“I’ve got a granddaughter, if you bought her one of these t-shirts I’d end up in jail.

“To advertise and say that – what’s going on in people’s heads?”

T-Shirts Normalizing Sexual Abuse Still Sold On Amazon

Amazon claims to have removed the products on their US site, but a simple search on Amazon on October 2nd afternoon shows that some are still for sale as the screenshot below demonstrates.

Amazon I love cock child's shirt

Amazon claims they are removing the shirts, backpacks, and other items will be removed from the UK, French, and Spanish sites.

Granny Virginia is not impressed. 

“As much as these have been taken down, the question now is how the hell did they get up there in the first place? It’s not a done deal just because they’ve taken them down, they need to answer that,” the upset grandmother said, “I don’t know who passes this stuff but the ones in France are still there. Why are they still there? Adults might wear that as a joke but it’s not funny for kids.”

Toys That Normalize Child Abuse And Sexualization

Toy manufacturers also have been upping their game in the kiddy perv world.

Recently, parents were horrified to find a hidden feature on a popular toy Trolls doll.

Hasbro was forced to pull the “Trolls World Tour” Poppy doll from shelves in light of the hidden feature that normalized sexual abuse.

Backstory: Parents Horrified After Finding Feature On Trolls Doll Grooming Kids For Sex Abuse

Not long after, a mom discovered that some toy LOL dolls reveal hardcore lingerie when dunked in cold water.

You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to think there is some sinister plan to normalize pedophilia. 

Backstory: Parents Outraged After Mom Discovers Cold Water Reveals Sexy Lingerie On Popular Doll

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the country.

If its network can detect items being sold with confederate flags, it should be able to weed out inappropriate items targeting children.

But, a quick Google search (below) shows that isn’t the case as pages with the disturbing products are still indexing. 

Amazon children's t-shirt search

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