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Netflix is being slammed for an upcoming feature called “Cuties” that sexualizes pre-teen girls.

The preview should have many parents concerned and asking questions about why Hollywood and toy manufacturers have recently been pushing sexual mischief to young children. 

The French film follows girls as they twerk and dance around in scantily clad clothing.

“Cuties” Sexualizes Children

In the “Cuties” trailer below, 11-year-old Amy joins a twerking dance group and quickly notices her sexy side, upsetting her mother. The movie appears to be attempting to normalize this alarming activity for such young children.

Netflix has taken a ton of heat on social media. Inexplicably, some claim that their American promotions are much more sexualized that the original French ones.

The description for “Cuties” is a preview of how alarming the trailer is. “Amy, 11, becomes fascinated with a twerking dance crew. Hoping to join them, she starts to explore her femininity, defying her family’s traditions.” 

Perverted Toys

This follows an alarming trend in sexualizing children. Toy giant Hasbro recently faced backlash after it was discovered one of their Troll dolls had a button over the genital area that emitted gasps and laughs when pressed.

This feature was not mentioned in its marketing material. Instead, it was an added and hidden feature that parents weren’t alerted to unless they throughly inspected the doll. 

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LOL dolls were also exposed for hiding a concerning feature from parents. A mom’s mega viral video shows that when the dolls are dipped in cold water, sexy lingerie appears.

There is no warning to parents who are purchasing these toys for very young children. 

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Disturbing Trend of Sexualizing Children

There is grave concern that shows like “Cuties” and these hyper-sexualized toys are part of a push to groom young children.

That incidents like this are part of a bigger push to destroy traditional moral values. And it has parents hopping mad. 

Which executives at Netflix approved this show? What are they thinking and what is their agenda?

This is such an overt manipulation of children, that even traditionally liberal minded people seem concerned. 

The trailer and artwork are so inappropriate that backlash was almost immediate, forcing Netflix to answer for their very poor decision.

They claim the streaming giant learned its lesson and changed the picture and the description. As of now, they still plan to release “Cuties” next month.

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