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A popular toy among young girls has a surprising secret. One mom demonstrated on video how when LOL dolls are dipped in cold water, hardcore lingerie appears on them. Now, outraged parents are pushing back on the toy manufacturer for refusing to alert parents to this sexualization directed at preschoolers and young grade school children.

Viral Facebook Live Video Exposes Sexy Lingerie On LOL Dolls

A mom’s shocking Facebook live video late last night has exposed the truth about these popular dolls.

Hilary Williams’ video has already accumulated over 7.5 million views. The mom takes a number of naked LOL dolls and puts them in ice water. Almost immediately, the dolls are sporting inappropriate lingerie. 

Over 800 million Surprise LOL! toys have been sold since their 2016 debut. At the time of publishing, retail giant Target has an entire L.O.L. Surprise! character shop in the toy section of its website devoted to these dolls.

And they are a surprise indeed. The surprise is supposed to be that the child doesn’t know exactly what she is getting before opening the egg or however the toy is packaged.

But, the surprise is really on the parents who likely were clueless that these toys were so incredibly sexualized. 

The LOL dolls are small. It’s easy to see how a little girl would take her little dolls to the bathroom to clean them up. That’s when they would get a real surprise.

It is believed by many parents that these toy manufacturers want to make this sort of behavior normal to children. This could be part of the groom process for pedophiles or at the very least expose to sexual content at a shockingly young age. 

You can watch Hilary Williams’ shocking LOL cold water lingerie reveal video below.

Hasbro Troll Doll Also Grooms Kids For Sexual Abuse

MGA Entertainment manufactures the LOL dolls. They aren’t the only company dealing with angry parents who claim they are attempting to groom children for sexual abuse.

Earlier this month, a viral video exposed Hasbro’s Trolls World Tour Giggle and Sing Poppy doll had a button on its genital area that makes laughing and gasping noises when pushed.

In that case, marketing didn’t mention this perverted feature. Thanks to the backlash, Hasbro is pulling the Trolls Poppy dolls from shelves. 

Read the full story: Parents Horrified After Finding Feature On Trolls Doll Grooming Kids For Sex Abuse

LOL Dolls Full Of Many Surprises

This isn’t the only thing MGA Entertainment has been forced to explain about the LOL Surprise toys recently.

Parents were stunned that the genitals on the boy dolls are very realistic. The girls aren’t, but the boys are. MGA already stated that “feature” will not be changing.

Parents need to be vigilant and take a proactive look at their children’s toys. These days, you simply never know what you might find.

Now, we need to not only physically investigate everything, but we also must go the extra mile and submerge them in water!

Let’s help to get the word out so other parents aren’t caught off guard like Hilary Williams.

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