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Media Says You Are The Problem For Not Embracing ‘Child Sexuality’ In Netflix’s ‘Cuties’

The explicitness of Netflix's 'Cuties' is so shocking that the media is working overtime to sanitize and normalize its inappropriate content.

Netflix defied mounting public pressure to release Cutiesa French film that hyper-sexualizes pre-teen girls. Now people are realizing that Netflix’s Cuties is even more inappropriate and explicit than even its most vocal critics expected. So the media is working to actively make you believe that you are the problem for condemning underage nudity and erotic dancing.

The streaming giant previously tried to calm the storm by saying the film wasn’t really sexualizing children, they just used “inappropriate marketing.” The artwork was deemed appalling as it depicts young girls in a “twerking” dance group.

Backstory Netflix Forced To Apologize For Hyper-Sexualizing Kids In โ€˜Cutiesโ€™

Netflix’s apology implied that the marketing material wasn’t representative of the actual movie. But now, it appears the offensive marketing material is actually tamer than the content in the movie. 

IMDB: Netflix’s Cuties Has Nudity Of A Minor

Clips from the movie will make even people who normally dismiss conspiracy theories suspicious.

11-year-old Amy is the main character who shows her “sexy side,” much to the dismay of her mother. It’s impossible to deny that these pre-teen girls are being sexualized after watching the tweeted video clip below. 

It’s apparently more than sexualized dancing.

As Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips tweeted, IMDB has a warning that “Cuties” has breast nudity of a minor. If these were images saved on your computer, you could be facing criminal charges. But, Netflix somehow gets a pass.

IMDB Caught Sanitizing Netflix’s Cuties Parental Warnings

As I was writing this, it came to my attention that the IMDB parental warnings were watered down. Take a look at the original, graphic parental warnings:

Netflix Cuties IMDB parenting warning


Pretty graphic, right? Well, take a look at the updated, sanitized description:

Netflix Cuties IMDB parenting warning


You can view the full detail of IMDB’s before and after parental warnings for Cuties in this tweet:

Ask yourself, why would IMDB water down those warnings, if not to assuage legitimate concerns about child sexualization?

Cuties Release Follows Discovery Of Toys Sexualizing Children

If you’re starting to see a strong trend in the sexualization of children, you’re not alone. Just look at the last few months. 

Last month, concerned parents discovered that Troll dolls come with a disturbing feature. The dolls have a button on their nether-region that, when pushed, makes sexualized giggles and gasping noises. Watch:

Troll dolls aren’t the only toys with wildly inappropriate hidden features. The popular LOL Dolls are revealed to be wearing lingerie if you dip them in water.

Before you immediately dismiss these as mistakes, just think about what goes into the process when a major corporation produces a mass-consumption product. They have to be designed. They have to be tested.

Many times, products are given a trial run in select markets, and focus-group tested. All along the way, dozens, if not hundreds of people are involved, with approval processes every step of the way. 

Accident? That’s practically impossible. So is there really an agenda behind this? How could these globally-released films and toys be so blatant? 

Media Attacks YOU For Finding This Disturbing

Well, maybe, the problem is actually you. That’s what The Telegraph wants you to think, anyway. Look at this headline: 

The Telepgraph’s headline reads, “Cuties, Netflix review: a provocative powder-keg for an age terrified of child sexuality”. Tim Robey, Film Critic, would have you believe that the public should embrace this spectacle of ‘child sexuality’. The keyword there is CHILD.

You see, the problem isn’t that global corporations are inappropriately sexualizing pre-pubescent children. The problem is YOU. You’re just “scared!” 

Toys and films are bad enough. But truly, at the end of the day, we can choose, as consumers, to not buy toys, or watch movies. We can boycott the companies that make them. But now politicians are getting into the act. And we can’t escape the law. 

The California legislature recently passed a bill that reduces penalties for adults having sexual relationships with minors. That is major. 

Maybe the timing of Netflix’s “Cuties” release and the recent discovery of hyper-sexualized toys isn’t a coincidence after all. Maybe, like the Telegraph says, our betters are trying to dissuade us of our “fear” of “child sexuality.”

Susan Rice And Obama’s Connection To Netflix 

Obama cabinet member Susan Rice sits on the Board of Directors of Netflix. Barack and Michelle Obama have a lucrative deal with the streaming network.

Yet, the press has apparently has not even so much as asked them to denounce this appalling show. Do they agree with Netflix streaming this movie sexualizing young girls?

Imagine if a conservative sat not the Board of Directors. That would dominate headlines.

The clip below of these 11-year-old girls getting into a club should alarm any sensible person. They are objectified by a bouncer who essentially salivates over them when he sees twerking and grinding dance moves.

It shouldn’t come as a shock that #CancelNetflix and #BoycottNetflix are trending on Twitter today. Or that #SaveOurChildren has been a popular hashtag for months.

If anything, these are signs that there are still people out there fighting to protect our children. 

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