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Pop star Britney Spears is contesting her father Jamie’s conservatorship. It’s a hot topic that’s getting a lot of attention.  Her lawyer added fuel to this fire in a recent hearing by comparing her to a comatose patient. He states the “Baby One More Time” singer doesn’t want to work anymore.

It’s been well over a decade since the very public unraveling of one-time American darling and Micky Mouse Club alum, Britney Spears.

The young celebrity mother was splashed all over gossip magazines in 2007 as her downward spiral included her shaving her head bald for the world to see.

Now, Britney is contesting her conservatorship which has large life decisions being handled by her father. 

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Britney Spears Contests Conservatorship 

At the latest hearing, the Britney Spears’ lawyer, Sam Ingham, told the judge that the “Toxic” singer doesn’t want to work again.

Her father and conservator, James Spears, wants her to restart her singing career.

When the lawyer’s comments were considered hearsay since Britney had not signed anything or stated this to the judge, Ingham made the shocking comparison to someone in a coma. 

From TMZ

Britney’s lawyer, Sam Ingham, had been conveying Britney’s feelings about the conservatorship to the court, and they got into a discussion as to whether all of that was inadmissible hearsay.

The judge asked Ingham if Britney would sign a declaration so there’d be a first-hand account of her feelings. Ingham said Britney lacked the capacity to sign a declaration, and likened her to a comatose patient. He was not saying she is comatose by any means, but he used it by way of example to show she was not capable of signing a legal document. Ingham said even comatose patients can have their lawyers speak for them.

This tactic is eyebrow raising.

Why is the 38-year-old incapable of signing a document stating her own intentions?

If she wants freedom from the conservatorship, Britney will likely have to prove that she can handle things on her own.

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Thanks Fans For Support

The pop star took to Instagram to thank her fans for all the support.

They have been very vocal in their encouragement in Britney Spears legal battle against her father, Jamie.

She shared that reading the supportive comments shows her that she is loved.

Now some are wondering if her own lawyer alluding that Britney Spears can’t do something as basic as signing a declaration will have a negative impact on her case. 

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