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Phillip Halling/Creative Commons
March 15, 2024
Despite his hearing loss that he admitted to the world last year, the 82 year-old folk legend Paul Simon is hopeful that he’ll perform again.
Source: Screenshot YouTube
May 25, 2023
Paul Simon has revealed that he’s lost much of his hearing at the age of 81, adding “my generation’s time is up.”
Britney Spears father conservatorship hearing lawyer pop star comatose
October 9, 2020
During the latest hearing in her conservatorship battle with father Jamie, pop icon Britney Spears’ lawyer “likened her to a comatose victim”.
baby hears for the first time
August 14, 2017
Bethany Rodgers brought her son to an appointment at the Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia to get hearing aids. It was the first set of hearing aids