Angel Garza Update Injury

Angel Garza will miss some action after being injured at Clash of Champions, but the update is promising. Also, a timeframe for when Edge might return to WWE TV.

Angel Garza Provides Update On Injury

Angel Garza is lucky as he will not miss much in-ring time. During Clash of Champions, Garza injured what appeared to be his leg or hip.

After undergoing an MRI, doctors discovered a small tear in his quad. The injury will see him only miss a few weeks to a month of action.

If the injury was more severe, he could have been out easily six months. Garza deciding not to continue wrestling after the injury was a smart move.

Typically, superstars like to push through the pain; especially on TV. By making the right call, Garza will not miss months of action.

“They told me to get an MRI and I got the results,” said Garza. “Thankfully, it wasn’t anything involving the tendons or with my hip as some outlets have reported. It was a quad tear and we already began treatment.”

“I’ve been putting ice on it and bandages for the tear. Right now, I just came from an evaluation and we have been advancing through it incredibly.”

“Thank God I just started to feel good. I still have more evaluations to do. But if all goes well, I think I might be out from a week to maybe 15 days.”

“Thank God that it wasn’t anything long-term like five or six months. They told me if I had continued, I could have completely torn [the quad] and would have been out for a very long time.”

“I don’t think it will even be a month to fully recover. I’m not going to be needing surgery. I’ll probably be only out for a week to three weeks since the injury.”

Latest On Edge’s Return

Edge returned at the Royal Rumble to a massive pop. The next night, he entered a program with Randy Orton.

The two met at WrestleMania 36, with Edge winning a Last Man Standing Match. In the rematch at Backlash titled ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever,’ Orton would leave the victor.

The match was taped, so WWE had the opportunity to reshoot several moments. During the reshoot, Edge suffered a tricep tear.

The move would sideline him indefinitely and cause WWE to change their plans for the rubber match. Since the injury, Edge admitted it’s taking longer to heal than he though; especially being 46 year old.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how Edge will be out six to eight months. That means, Edge is set for a return around February.

Of course, the date could change. WWE may have Edge work the Royal Rumble again, but that is considered “touch and go.”

The belief is when Edge does return, he will continue his feud with Orton. Although, there is no telling what position Orton will be in five months from now.

Since turning on Edge, Orton has been the top heel of WWE. Although, that likely changed when Roman Reigns finally turned heel.

Based off Monday’s RAW, Drew McIntyre and Orton do not seem done. McIntyre has two wins, but there is talk of a third match.

If that happens, it would be at Hell in a Cell. Also, there is a strong possibility Orton would leave the Cell as WWE Champion.

If Orton holds the gold until Edge is cleared to wrestle, the title picture gets tricky. Edge is not working a full schedule and WWE might be hesitant about putting the belt on someone who only wrestles three times a year.

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