Teachers Busted Complaining Online School Will Interfere With Liberal Indoctrination Of Kids

Teachers on Twitter were caught discussing potential parental interference with liberal indoctrination of students as the pandemic forces school online.

The pandemic is disrupting how kids learn. Many schools are having online learning or hybrid programs that mix online and in person learning. Apparently, the change to online school is cramping the style of some liberal teachers looking to indoctrinate and brainwash our children.

Teachers on Twitter were recently caught complaining that they couldn’t push leftwing agendas down children’s throats online because their parents might be watching. Parental involvement was even called “dangerous” by one teacher. 

Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Parents should monitor what their children are learning at any time. Online learning will provide the perfect opportunity to do this. It will shine the light on what’s really going on.

And after reading the tweets from teachers below, it’s even more important. 

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Teachers Discuss Liberal Indoctrination In Schools

It’s no surprise that liberals have taken control of the education process. It’s apparent by watching young protestors and rioters as they often have a distorted, revisionist view of history.

Matthew R. Kay showed us how devious this school indoctrination plan is when the teacher tweeted about it.

His tweet exposed his brainwashing agenda and he ended up having to protect his tweets so the general public can’t see them. But, the internet is forever and there are screenshots.

Kay is concerned that parents will be watching and interfere with his indoctrination of their children on gender and sexuality issues. We send our kids to school for them to be taught not for them to be fundamentally changed to meet the political agenda of teachers like Matthew  R. Kay. 

From RedState

Kay openly hates the idea that his brainwashing on social justice and racial matters can now be overheard by the parents, which violates the “secure barriers” and “what happens here stays here” mentality provided by the physical barriers of actual classrooms.

He goes on to say that while conservative parents are definitely the biggest problem, he’s also concerned about leftist parents who might not see eye to eye with his attempts at guiding his students towards his way of looking at racism and homophobia.

You can read through this teacher’s tweets below. 

teacher indoctrination parent online learning

What a wake up call.

He put it all out there for us all to see. As bad as Kay’s tweets are, some of the replies from other teachers are even worse!

Parents are viewed as “outsiders.”

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School Teacher Finds Way To Hide Brainwashing From Parents

Another teacher, who has a litany of pronouns after her name, wanted to alert other teachers of a way to circumvent parental interference. Margery Bloom said she was using the chat feature to hide conversations with students from parents.

Parents are not welcome in these teachers’ classrooms.

One good thing that might come out of the pandemic is that liberal school teachers who brainwash our children will be held accountable.

Parents know best and we are not outsiders. Teachers who have to hide from parents obviously know they are doing something wrong.

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