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October 13, 2022
Joe Rogan has made the shocking claim about a school allegedly installing a litter box for a student who identifies as a cat.
LeBron James school principle resigns
December 13, 2021
The principal of a school in Akron, Ohio that was founded by LeBron James has resigned amidst child abuse allegations.
mask schools
September 8, 2021
A substitute teacher in Las Vegas was accused by a parent of tapping a mask to a child’s face after they took it off for a glass of water.
Carrie Underwood Matt Walsh Twitter school mask mandates video
August 18, 2021
Carrie Underwood came under fire on Twitter after liking a speech by Matt Walsh opposing school mask mandates in Nashville.
Virginia teacher Lilit Vanetsyan James Woods Loudoun County School Board
June 10, 2021
Virginia teacher Lilit Vanetsyan got props from actor James Woods for taking the Loudoun County School Board to task on CRT.
critical race theory speech loudoun county school board
May 12, 2021
Watch a Loudoun County mom hammer away at the destructiveness of critical race theory at a school board meeting.
kindergarten teacher Washington stolen land Native Americans online learning
September 30, 2020
A Washington state mom recorded a kindergarten teacher’s daily lesson telling students they live on “stolen land” from Native Americans.
Courtney Roznowski teacher pedophile
September 30, 2020
Courtney Roznowski, a paraprofessional employed as a teacher’s aide in Wisconsin, was sentenced to jail after having sex with a student.
Sylvain Helaine tattoo teacher kindergarten
September 29, 2020
A tattooed kindergarten teacher with surgically blackened eyes, Sylvain Helaine, calls his removal from teaching young kids “quite sad”.
Ohio woman tased football game over mask police
September 24, 2020
An Ohio woman was tased and arrested at a middle school football game after being confronted about not wearing a mask in the stands.
online class toy gun police Colorado boy privacy
September 9, 2020
Before calling parents, a principal sent police to the home of a 12-year-old Colorado boy because his toy gun was visible during online class.
online class school Tennessee parent monitoring
August 21, 2020
A Tennessee School District wants parents to sign a form stating they will not monitor their children’s online classes. What are they hiding?
liberal teacher online school indoctrination
August 10, 2020
Teachers on Twitter were caught discussing potential parental interference with liberal indoctrination of students as the pandemic forces school online.
MSNBC Craig Melvin pediatricians back to school coronavirus safe
July 17, 2020
Pediatricians said that it’s safe for students to go back to school in the fall amid coronavirus concerns to the surprise of MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin.
Elizabeth Hasselbeck hits back at Meghan McCain about praying on "The View"
April 27, 2020
Elisabeth Hasselbeck just fired back at “The View” host Meghan McCain after she criticized her for praying about coronavirus. .
The Simpsons Better Off Ned episode mocks Christians
March 17, 2020
“The Simpsons” launched a bigoted attack on Christians everywhere on Sunday night in their latest episode of their show, which was titled “Better Off Ned.” 
School Bus Assault of boy over Trump hat in Florida
December 16, 2019
Since we reported on the video of a school bus assault of a Florida boy for ‘wearing a Trump hat’, 5 teens have been arrested and Fox picked up the story.
School Bus Assault of boy over Trump hat in Florida
December 13, 2019
A horrifying video surfaced this week showing the brutal school bus assault that left a 14 year-old boy hospitalized for wearing a Donald Trump hat.