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May 8, 2023
A trans woman has been found not guilty of flashing her penis at women, with a judge ruling that she’s too fat for her genitalia to be seen.
April 19, 2023
The actress Candace Cameron Bure has announced that in her next Christmas movie, she’ll be playing an army reservist.
March 20, 2023
Joy Behar is defending the book “To Kill A Mockingbird” from attempts being made by the left to censor it.
March 16, 2023
The Christian high school football Coach Joe Kennedy has gotten his job back after being fired for praying after his games.
Brandon Brown NASCAR
December 20, 2021
NASCAR star Brandon Brown has broken his silence about the anti-Biden “let’s go Brandon” chant that has been tied to him.
plan the perfect murder
September 29, 2021
Washington parents were horrified after a local high school gave students an assignment to plan the “perfect murder.”
August 25, 2021
The woke mob wants to remove the “Fighting Irish” leprechaun mascot that was designed in 1964 from Notre Dame. But they are standing strong.
Jimmy Kimmel Michelle Obama
March 18, 2021
Jimmy Kimmel is strangely obsessing over former President Barak Obama and Michelle Obama’s sex life, focusing on one night in particular.
disabled Marine veteran assault masks
December 11, 2020
A disabled Marine veteran was brutally assaulted outside a Washington state grocery store after confronting two men without masks.
Washington High school American flag photo Sierra Athos
December 10, 2020
A Washington high school rejected student Sierra Athos’ senior photo saying she wrongly used the American flag as a “prop.” Who’s right?
NHL Chicago Blackhawks MLB Cleveland Indians NFL Washington Redskins team name change Indigenous Land Statement
November 4, 2020
NHL Chicago Blackhawks move to appease the woke crowd with an Indigenous Lands Statement before each game prompted calls for a name change.
kindergarten teacher Washington stolen land Native Americans online learning
September 30, 2020
A Washington state mom recorded a kindergarten teacher’s daily lesson telling students they live on “stolen land” from Native Americans.
Herschel Walker NFL social justice
September 16, 2020
The former football player Herschel Walker responds to the NFL’s social justice push, saying “there shouldn’t be politics in sport.”
GW Professor Jessica Krug Rachel Dolezal lying about being black
September 3, 2020
Five years after Rachel Dolezal was caught lying about being black, Jessica Krug, a GW professor, admitted to doing the same thing.
Alaskan Bush People wildfires
August 24, 2020
Tragedy struck when wildfires sweeping the west coast destroyed the Washington home of the Brown family of “Alaskan Bush People” fame.
Hollywood baseball anthem kneel Nationals Yankees
July 24, 2020
Hollywood liberals cheered as Washington Nationals and New York Yankeess baseball players kneeled for the anthem. Debra Messing was “tearing up.”
Navajo Nation Washington Redskins
July 15, 2020
The Navajo Nation just suggested a new name for the Washington Redskins NFL team after they buckled to the left and announced plans to change their name.
Washington Redskins
July 14, 2020
The son of the Native American man who designed the Washington Redskins logo is unhappy about the team’s rebrand as he says the logo is not racist.