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Details On AEW’s Parking Lot Fight, Big Plans For Will Hobbs

Both Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn helped put on AEW's parking lot fight. And, the promotion apparently has big plans for Will Hobbs

Details On AEW’s Parking Lot Fight

Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn both had key roles in the production of the recent parking lot brawl that ended AEW’s Dynamite featuring Santana and Ortiz against the Best Friends.

However, the addition of Best Friends was a change as the Lucha Bros. were to compete in the match. 

“It was originally supposed to be Santana and Ortiz against Pentagon and Fenix,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “But I believe Santana suggested doing it with the Best Friends.

“Jerry Lynn had a lot to do with this match. He was involved with a lot of the ideas, but all those guys had ideas.”

Meltzer added that Khan also was instrumental in many of the details.

“Essentially, the concept of the match was Tony Khan’s idea,” he said. “The match itself was some Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn, and these four guys putting it together.

“It was just fantastic.”

Khan noted on Twitter that “(Jim Ross) just called this the best street fight he’s ever called.”

In the end, the Best Friends got the better of Santana and Ortiz with the help of Orange Cassidy. Trent was in one of the more noteworthy bumps, landing on the windshield of his mom’s van.

Best Friends Trent and Taylor have been with AEW since 2019. 

If any one who missed the main event, do go out of your watch to watch it. There have been plenty of these parking lot fights in the past, but those four men stole the show.

Plus, the closing shot of Sue flipping off the heels was a nice touch. Overall, the match exceeded expectations.

Big Plans For Will Hobbs

Will Hobbs has signed a contract with All Elite Wrestling.

Hobbs has been on AEW Dark for several months, including an appearance last month where he lost to Darby Allin.

During AEW All Out’s 21-Man Casino Battle Royale, Hobbs was among the entrants, eliminating one person. Lance Archer knocked Hobbs out after reaching the final six.

“Been through hell and back,” Hobbs posted on Twitter. “Dreams do come true. BELIEVE IN #WILLPOWER.” 

Jim Ross replied to the message, showing his support for the superstar.

“High hopes for this big man,” Ross wrote. “Congrats.”

Hobbs will team with Jon Moxley and Allin next week. The trio face Archer, Brian Cage and Ricky Starks in six-man tag action on Dynamite. 

“My old friend, Dave Corner, who died a few years ago, he would have freaked out because him and Will Hobbs were real close friends,” Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio. “He was always trying to push something for Will. Will was always physically impressive; he just never really got looks or anything like that.

“He went to AEW to do jobs and Tony Khan liked him and they did that big battle royal spot to get him over. Now he’s gonna be a guy that they’re pushing. He’s in there with some good (people).”

The 6-foot-1, 240-pound Hobbs trained at the APW Boot Camp. 

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