Why AEW Signed Orange Cassidy, Released Stars Take Shot At WWE

Young Bucks Orange Cassidy

One AEW star is making the most of his time with the company. Now we hear why the Young Bucks wanted Orange Cassidy in AEW.

Also, some ex-WWE Superstars make an Impact!

Why AEW Signed Orange Cassidy

Some wrestling stars clearly LOOK like the stereotypical wrestling stars, while others do not. So, why is it that the Young Bucks wanted Orange Cassidy in AEW?

young bucks orange cassidy

Cassidy, of course, is one of those talents who doesn’t necessarily pass the proverbial eye test.

Then again, more and more, we have talents rising to the highest levels who would not have done so before. Fans are appreciating the art of wrestling more, and that helps things a great deal.

But what made Orange Cassidy appear to the Bucks? Cassidy recently spoke to ESPN about his rise:

The Young Bucks were the people that were like, ‘We need to get Orange here,'” Cassidy revealed. “Because my character is a giant middle finger to professional wrestling, so they were like, ‘Of course, let’s get him in.

Things are going well for the star, considering he just recently fought one of AEW’s top stars, and it’s former world champion. Cassidy lost to Chris Jericho at FyterFest.

In spite of his rise, however, many hope Orange Cassidy remains true to his form that got him this far.

Released Stars Take Shot At WWE

Everyone knows that WWE released a ton of Superstars in April. At the time this was framed as a cost cutting move tied to the pandemic.

Not long after, it was pointed out that WWE would have been fiscally fine, even if they retained every released Superstar.

Luke Gallows Karl Anderson

More recently, we’d heard that some of the releases were motivated by whether or not the impacted Superstar was vocal about the Saudi Arabia debacles.

That part makes a ton of sense, at least with a few of the bigger names let go. We know Karl Anderson was rather outspoken about the train wreck that was his last trip to Saudi Arabia.

Well, pretty much all of those released Superstars have seen their non-compete clauses run their courses…which means we can expect to see them start showing up elsewhere.

We’ve already seen some on competing shows. Now, a group of the ex-Superstars aim to make an Impact!

As in, check out this group photo, on the set of Impact!


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It will be interesting to see if this new wave of WWE castoffs has better luck with Impact.

While the company has often collected washed-up and mid-card talents, they’ve never been able to generate much success.

That said, this crop of ex-Superstars may be the best yet, and several have had previous successful runs with Impact already.

If nothing else, perhaps this allows Impact to give fans yet another credible option again, which would be welcomed considering their more recent struggles.