Three-Year-Old Girl Gets Stuck In Kite Tails – Ends Up Soaring Through The Sky

A three-year-old girl was thrown through the sky at a kite festival after she got caught in the long tails of the kite.

A three-year-old girl was lifted high in the sky when she became entangled in an enormous, long-tailed orange kite. Onlookers watched in horror as the preschooler screamed as she soared overhead.

Kite Was To Drop Lollipops From The Sky

Imagine taking your young child to watch large kites and then seeing her flying just like a kite.

It was meant to be a day of fun and celebration watching kites dance across the sky.

There had to be a lot of excitement from the preschooler – the kites are so beautiful. This family had no inkling that their young child would be come part of that show riding through the air with a kite that was supposed to drop lollipops from the sky. 

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A viral video shows that prior to launch that kite festival workers were fighting just to hold hold down the tails of the kite in the strong winds.

It’s understandable that the kite grabbed the child under the force of the turbulent winds. Many people were nearby as the kite lifted into the great blue sky.

First they cheered then they screamed as they saw the three-year-old girl flying up in the sky with the kite. 

Child Landed Safely

The kite festival in Taiwan was supposed to be a fun time for a child, but it ended up being a terror she is likely never going to forget.

Thankfully, it ended well as workers were able to control the kite and bring it down. The girl safely landed into the arms of the crowd. She somehow escaped the ordeal without physical injury. Local news reports the child was understandably frightened. 

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From The Guardian

Local government bureaucrat, Zhang Li Ke, said the strong winds caused the tail to wrap around the stomach of the child.

Chen Ko-fang, secretary-general of the Taiwan-based Asian Kite Forum, said the kite was supposed to scatter lollies from the sky for children to catch below, Taiwan News reported. Chen said children were usually kept at a distance until the kite was in the air, but organisers weren’t expecting the sudden gusts, reported to have been a level seven on the Beaufort scale – or around 50-60km per hour.

This is the stuff nightmares are made of. Thankfully, the child landed safely because that could have been absolutely horrific. She must have had a guardian angel soaring through the sky with her. 

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