These Viral Videos Show Two Very Different Responses To Wiping Out During A Stunt


There is no shortage of people acting like hot dogs trying to do stunts. People are always looking for viral-video fame but sometimes their bodies suffer some collateral damage and they are left in a lot of pain. If you are ever looking to feel better about your own decisions, these very amateur-hour stuntmen can be real ego boosters.

Swimming pools are often a source of tomfoolery. Falling into water doesn’t seem like it’s too dangerous, as long as you know how to swim.

But hitting the sides or the bottom of the pool can have fatal effects on someone dumb enough to be screwing around. 

Barstool Sports posted a video that is getting a lot of attention. A man wearing shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers attempted to jump across an entire pool. He was so confident in his ability to complete this mission that he didn’t even bother wearing a bathing suit. 

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Even with a running jump, this is a very hard feat and this man bit it big time!

Other Ways To Get Attention

The video below is one you really can’t look away from! It is definitely going to leave a mark on this man!

One commenter said this is an example as to why women live longer than men. Another said there are other ways to get a vasectomy. 

I’m not sure what the goal of that jump was. If he was attempting to impress a woman, he failed miserably! However, his stupid decision to attempt this stunt has gained him pain and viral fame.

Liquid Courage For The Stunt

Another video shows another man raising the bar on his own foolishness. He is riding a dirt bike across barrels. He bites it pretty hard but his rebound is remarkable. 

First, he is seen chugging a drink as his dirt bike quickly approaches the barrel. That must have given him the liquid courage that he needed to attempt the feat. That biked bucked him off as if he was riding a bull at a rodeo.

Amazingly, he got up faster than he fell. 

He got up and walked it off as if nothing happened. My bet is that he was walking through the pain. And, you know he felt the after effects of that stunt for at least a few days. He’s not ready to be a stuntman yet, but he’s got the rebound part down pat.

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I would not suggest trying this at home, but you have to give the man props for his remarkable recovery. WATCH: