shayna baszler raw underground

This past week saw the first women step into RAW Underground. We have more on Shayna Baszler’s RAW Underground debut. 

Also, Jeff Cobb is talking to WWE. It will be interesting to watch those discussions unfold.

Details On Shayna Baszler’s RAW Underground

Once we were introduced to RAW Underground, we knew it was a matter of time before a woman stepped in. That happened this week, and we’ve got more on Shayna Baszler’s RAW Underground debut.

Specifically, those three women she beat up? All were capable MMA fighters, and according to a report, they were instructed to take it easy on her.

Shayna Baszler raw underground

That news comes to us from the Wrestling Observer

The three opponents for Baszler were Marina Tucker, Sofia Castillo and Emily Andzulis. It was Andzulis who tapped out to end Shayna Baszler’s first appearance in Shane’s playground.

According to the report in the Observer, the women were instructed to go easy on Baszler. Specifically, the report noted how Andzulis was told to act like she didn’t know how to fight in the ring.

This is noteworthy because it seems to point to a renewed push for the Queen of Spades. She’s been showing well the last few weeks ahead of SummerSlam.

Baszler is being portrayed as a strong and violent force. While she probably would have fared fine in an MMA fight without restrictions, that WWE is ensuring she looks strong (again), may be promising for her future.

Jeff Cobb Talking WWE

WWE is always looking to bring in new talent. As such, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Jeff Cobb has been talking with WWE.


Cobb is an impressive specimen who has made a name for himself, primarily in Ring of Honor and New Japan.

He recently made a brief appearance for AEW, but nothing long term came together.

Jeff Cobb recently spoke with Fightful about his recent experience with contract negotiations and such.

Cobb said he enjoyed being pursued by some of the different promotions, including AEW and WWE. In his words, it was nice feeling like the “Belle of the Ball”.

While he did appear for AEW, and in doing so made quite the splash, that deal never stuck together. For now, the star has opted to stick with his deals with both Ring of Honor and New Japan.

He didn’t share terms of those contracts, but it’s entirely possible he has an easy out if he wants to join up with one of the perceived “Big 2”.

One thing is certain, whatever he chooses to do, Cobb has his fans. He’d do quite well in either AEW or WWE, and it may just be a matter of time before it happens.

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