Will Ospreay’s Suicide Battle, Kevin Owens’ NXT Return

Will Ospreay recently admitted to struggling with suicidal thoughts and depression. In other news, Kevin Owens wanted to return to NXT.

Indie wrestler Will Ospreay recently admitted he struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts. In other news, Kevin Owens revealed he asked Vince to return to NXT.

Will Ospreay’s Suicide Battle

Will Ospreay Suicide Battle

Will Ospreay is one of the best wrestlers in the world. However, depression is a mental health problem that can strike everyone.

In a recent instagram post, Will Ospreay admitted his recent struggles with the mental health condition.

Will Ospreay Social Media Message

From the social media message, it is clear Will Ospreay is struggling with depression. Hopefully, he gets the time and the help he needs to recover.

If you struggle with suicidal thoughts, help is available. Please contact the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.

Kevin Owens Wanted To Return To NXT

Kevin Owens wanted to return to NXT

While Kevin Owens is about to get a major push on RAW, the wrestler was not always happy with his role on the main roster. In fact, during an interview with CBS SportsKevin Owens revealed just how unhappy he was.

According to Kevin Owens, he had a conversation with Vince McMahon and Triple H. He wanted to return to NXT, either short term or long term.

While the conversation did take place, Kevin owens did not return to NXT for a long time. He solely had an appearance during WarGames.

Even though the appearance was short lived, his return was something special. The crowd went absolutely ballistic, as NXT has its own range of followers that do not really follow the main roster anymore.

Relive the moment when Kevin Owens returned to NXT for WarGames:

Why Main Roster Stars Choose NXT

Kevin Owens is not the only one who returned to NXT

Kevin Owens is not the only who returned to NXT. Other stars have done or requested the same.

One of those stars is none other than Finn Balor. His reasons for doing so were quite similar to those of K.O.

Aside from winning the WWE Universal Championship as soon as it existed, Finn Balor did not do much on the main roster. While you could blame the injury, it was clear Vince did not invest much in the Irish star.

Finn Balor eventually decided to return to NXT with some success. But it is clear the main roster has quite a problem.

Main Roster Missing Opportunities


Think about the enigmatic stars the main roster lost over the past year or so. This is not limited to Finn Balor, but also Dean Ambrose and Rusev.

Some stars went back to NXT, while others left the company completely. Among those who left are some really big names!

Rusev is probably the biggest loss the main roster suffered in recent memory. And while he has not signed with a rival competition, many expect him to do so when his no compete clause ends.

While the WWE has popular stars to use, including Rusev with Rusev Day, they do not seem to capitalize on it. We could ask why, but Arn Anderson had the answer to this question.

In a recent interview, Anderson stated Vince cannot stand wrestlers who get popular by their own merit. Unless he pushes them, he will not capitalize on it.

Unfortunately, tactics like this continue to hurt WWE.

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