Portland riots Antifa Federal officers blinded

Antifa members using lasers have permanently blinded three federal officers during the riots in Portland, Oregon. 

The Pacific Northwest City has been rocked by riots for over fifty days. Protests that began after the death of George Floyd quickly turned in riots after local elected officials refused to stop the violence and destruction.

Portland Rioters Attack Federal Courthouse

Rioters have set the federal courthouse as their target, and are relentless in their attempts to break in and set it on fire. Federal officers are there to protect the federal building. 

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Rioters have been throwing projectiles at the officers, and now the use of lasers has cost at least three officers their vision. 

From The Blaze

Deputy Director of Federal Protective Service, Richard “Kriss” Cline, told reporters Tuesday that a crowd of more than 1,000 “rioters” surrounded the Mark O. Hatfield courthouse on Monday and began tearing plywood barriers down and throwing objects at officers inside.

The rioters also allegedly graffitied the building, blocked roadways, and lit several fires in the area.

According to Cline, when officers responded to put out the fires, lasers that can cause permanent blindness were shined in their eyes.

“We have three officers who currently have eye injuries and they may not recover sight in those eyes from those laser attacks,” Cline said in the news conference.


These are the same rioters in Portland that the liberal media and the ladies of the “The View” would have you believe are peaceful. Now tell that to the federal officers who were just permanently blinded.

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Federal Protective Service has since been forced to purchase anti-laser glasses so other officers do not meet a similar fate. 

City of Portland To Blame For Riots

Department of Homeland Security Acting Secretary Chad Wolf placed a lot of the blame on the City of Portland. 

“These individuals carried lasers, baseball bats, explosive fireworks, metal pipes, glass bottles, accelerants, and other weapons all targeting federal facilities and federal law enforcement,” Wolf stated. “And yet the city of Portland takes little to no action.”

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It’s appalling that these out of control rioters have been given a pass to roam the streets. The Mayor of Portland just doesn’t care about order and civility.

In fact, the Mayor Ted Wheeler attempted to join what was deemed a protest. He thought they would welcome him since he has been so gracious to allow them to terrorize the streets. He was wrong. 

Wheeler was immediately confronted by these not so peaceful protestors. Water bottles were thrown at him and he ultimately ended up being gassed by federal agents thanks to his involvement. 

Wheeler was cursed at and told to resign as you can see in the video below.

These rioters are not peaceful. They’re not only destroying the city but harming anyone in their path. They’ve attacked federal officers and their own mayor.

So when will these liberal politicians wise up? Clearly these are not protesters who welcome civic leader support.

They did not roll out a red carpet for the Mayor of Portland who’s been shielding them. The mayor is lucky they didn’t blind him too.