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Portland riot squad
Source: Portland Riot Squad Teri Jacobs screenshot via Facebook video
June 18, 2021
Portland's entire riot squad resigned after one of its members was charged with assaulting a rioter who claims to be…
Sean Lennon Yoko Ono Portland Lincoln Roosevelt statues Antifa
October 14, 2020
Sean Ono Lennon confronted the hypocrisy of the Portland rioters who tore down and defaced statues of Teddy Roosevelt and…
Christians Arrested Idaho singing masks protest Gabriel Rench
September 25, 2020
Five arrests made, including Crosspolitic host Gabriel Rench, as Christians protested outside an Idaho City Hall, singing hymns without masks.
college professor supports murder
September 10, 2020
A University of Rhode Island History Professor is defending the apparent political murder of Aaron "Jay" Danielson in Portland, Oregon.
Portland rioters
August 5, 2020
Video from Portland shows rioters declare their intent to enter every city and burn police precincts to the ground as…
Herschel Walker Portland bible burning riot
August 4, 2020
Mega athlete Herschel Walker isn't sitting by quietly after BLM supporters in Portland burned Bibles. He calls out pro sports…
Portland riot pig head burning Andy Ngo Antifa
July 31, 2020
Portland rioters were caught on video by Andy Ngo putting an American flag and cop hat on the severed head…
Portland Oregon protests riots suburbs
July 30, 2020
Residents of an Oregon suburb came out in force when "racial justice" protestors took the action from Portland and brought…
oregon football coach fired
July 27, 2020
A veteran Oregon football coach, Ken Duilio, says the school district fired him without warning because of his day job…
Portland riots Antifa Federal officers blinded
July 23, 2020
Three federal officers were blinded by lasers used by Antifa during riots in Portland which local officials have allowed to…
Whoopi Goldberg blasts Trump
July 22, 2020
Whoopi Goldberg blasted President Donald Trump on "The View" for sending federal agents to calm violent riots in Portland, calling…
A 24yo Antifa member was sentenced for bashing a conservative over the head with a metal baton at the same Portland protest where Andy Ngo was attacked.
November 6, 2019
An Antifa member was sentenced for bashing a conservative on the head with a metal baton at the same Portland…