Antifa protestor blocking traffic

An Antifa protestor who was blocking traffic and hitting the SUV got brutal lesson from that vehicle’s driver. The driver chose to defend himself rather than sit idly by while being threatened.

Average hard-working Americans are fed up with traffic being blocked for the “protest” of the day. We have jobs to go to, children to pick up, and things to do. We do not have time for these adult children who likely live in their mom’s basements blocking our way and even getting violent towards civilians and police.

Protestors Blocking Traffic

Over the weekend, a video that quickly went viral appeared on Twitter showing an Antifa protestor learning the hard way that these tactics don’t work. The protestor has a weapon in his hand and is wearing a mask. The SUV driver continued driving as the masked protestor attempted to block his vehicle. The protestor gave up that approach and moved to the side of the SUV where he began hitting it with the weapon he was carrying. RELATED: Antifa Member Receives “Harsh” Sentence For Brutal Assault On Conservative

The SUV driver then got out of the vehicle. When confronted in person, this Antifa creep tried to run but it was too late. His victim had been pushed too hard at that point and was not about to just jump back in the car. Fists reigned down upon the once confident traffic blocker in the middle of the highway. Other cars whizzed past as this weakened ecoterrorist likely cried for his mommy.

These traffic-blocking protests have to stop. While I never encourage violence, protecting yourself and your property is understandable. Perhaps these adult children will finally learn when they have to explain to their mom’s why they have black eyes.

You can see it all go down in the tweeted video below. Obviously, be aware that punches are thrown and the language is NSFW.

Antifa and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson

Antifa seemingly do whatever it takes in an attempt to get their message across. Last fall, an Antifa mob terrorized the family of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson as they gathered outside of his home. As the mob raged on in this residential area, they actually broke down the TV host’s door. They did this because he won’t bend to their line of thinking. Of course they didn’t care about Carlson’s wife and kids. They wanted to terrify and harm them. This is what we are dealing with. BACKSTORY: James Woods Threatens ANTIFA After Tucker Carlson’s Family Terrorized

If liberal politicians refuse to allow police officers to enforce the law and stop these protestors from blocking traffic, we might see more fed up people fighting back on their own.

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