Portland Oregon protests riots suburbs

“Racial justice” activists seeking to take their protesting and destruction from Portland, Oregon to the suburbs got a rude awakening when they were met with angry residents who pushed back. 

Portland Protest Action Expands To Springfield Suburb

The protest started in Jessie Memorial Park with about 200 people peacefully marching through the Thurston neighborhood of Springfield, Oregon.

Things got violent when the protestors encountered police barricades. Portland rolled out the red carpet for them by allowing them to act however they wish. But, that would not happen here.

But, these Antifa activists started pushing through the barricades and that’s not tolerated in the suburbs. 

People move to suburbia because they want law and order.

Residents didn’t want this type of behavior on their home turf so they came out to counter protest the activists invading their neighborhood.

It worked. Together with law enforcement, they combated the illegal activity of these activists who were looking to spread unrest to this suburb.

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From The Register-Guard:

The protesters eventually composed themselves and regrouped farther down the road to complete their march. But as darkness fell, more people claiming to want to protect the neighborhood from protesters came out into the streets to confront them.

“You’re not wanted,” one voice shouted at them.

“You’re in a residential neighborhood, dude,” said another. “Leave!”

That antagonism lingered even as protesters announced they were trying to get to their cars and go home.

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Suburbanites Fight Back Against Activists

This entire situation should awaken the suburbanites.

You might think you are insulated from the riots and destruction going on in some liberal American cities, but they might be coming for you.

These residents weren’t about to let the activists steamroll through their neighborhood. Because they pushed back, this nightmare was over quickly. 

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