Ally Lyons arrest from video of inciting Grand Rapids riots

A 22-year-old Michigan woman was arrested after video showed her inciting a riot in downtown Grand Rapids. Ally Lyons’ own Facebook Live videos document her night of looting and destruction and are being used as evidence in her case. This is proof that you don’t have to be smart to be a criminal. 

Video Leads to Arrest Of Woman Inciting Grand Rapids Riots

Saturday night, over 100 Grand Rapids businesses were destroyed by looters. Seven police cars and numerous dumpsters were set on fire.

These businesses had nothing to do with George Floyd’s death, but that didn’t matter to these young adults smashing and grabbing throughout cities across the country.

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22-year-old Lyons was proudly recording and boasting about it all.

She was seen shattering a glass window by kicking it in. She also was heard encouraging people to throw bricks. And she even egged her fellow vandals on to break into an ATM.

“She is heard multiple times encouraging her friends and others to throw bricks and other objects at windows of multiple businesses downtown and at one point picks up a brick herself and mentions heading ‘back to the courthouse’,” Lyons’ arrest affidavit reads.

She also can be seen in her Facebook Live drinking stolen beer from a ransacked bar. 

As they were stealing from a jewelry store, Lyons is heard telling her friend to get her a gold bracelet as she already has silver ones. She later posted stolen jewelry on Facebook Marketplace for police to see. 

Livestreaming herself looting wasn’t this dumb criminals only foolish move.

She also posted video of herself after her crime spree at a party where she was wearing some of the clothing she stole from F. David Barney Clothiers. A stolen shirt from the store was later found at her home by authorities.

Second Arrest From Grand Rapids Riots

Thus far, Lyons is the second person to be charged in the Grand Rapids riots.

18-year-old Adrian Keech Baker was first charged with rioting, larceny in a building and malicious destruction of property after smashing the window of a coffee shop. 

Both of them are lucky they didn’t encounter store owners who willing to use their Second Amendment rights. They could have ended up at the morgue instead of at jail. 

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Of course, this isn’t Lyons first brush with viral fame that has caused legal problems. When she was 16-years-old, she committed a lead act in front of other teens and put it on social media.  

Authorities had to investigate it as child pornography. She pleaded guilty to indecent exposure for that. In 2018, she served time for a heroin charge.

This time, Alexandria “Ally” Lyons is facing 15 years in prison for inciting a riot and malicious destruction of property. 

More information is in the video below. 

On the bright side, Ms. Lyons may be up for a Darwin award given her choice to video herself inciting a riot. 

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