Sasha Banks RAW Title Shot Explained

Fans expected Sasha Banks to challenge Bayley, but that’s not happening just yet. Sasha Banks’ RAW title shot gets explained just ahead.

Also, now that they’ve been released, Maria Kanellis can explain how the baby daddy angle was supposed to finish.

Sasha Banks RAW Title Shot Explained

Raise your hand if you figured the next singles title match Sasha Banks would get, would involve her wrestling Bayley.

So, Sasha Banks RAW title shot should be explained, and we have it for you right here.

The answer, it turns out, is pretty simple, per the Wrestling Observer.

RAW has recently lost it’s top draw in Becky Lynch. The Man is out indefinitely as she is having a baby.

On top of that, Charlotte Flair is out, possibly for the remainder of 2020. Flair requested time off to have a surgical procedure, and just to get away.

So, down two of the top women, WWE Creative saw a void and needed a top Superstar to fill it.

This move was also driven by the loss of Paul Heyman. The former RAW lead, if still in charge, likely would have used this as an opportunity to push a new face-say, Bianca Belair, for example.

Heyman was inclined to build up newer Superstars. Such a plan of action makes a great deal of sense, and would have been nice to see.

Instead, WWE stuck to the reliable, safe and predictable model.

Perhaps best of all, later tonight Banks will be a part of a double contract signing…and we know how those can go.

Drew McIntyre alluded to the contract-signing chaos on Twitter, and Banks chimed in.

It will be interesting to see how the signing plays out, especially with Sasha implying chaos should be expected.

Also worth pointing out, WWE might have a desire to do another “Winner take all” title match. We could see Banks with a win, leading us to a champion versus champion bout at SummerSlam.

Could you imagine Sasha Three Belts?

Kanellis Baby Daddy Angle

Maria Kanellis pregnancy

Toward the tail end of their most recent WWE run, Maria Kanellis revealed she was pregnant, and stated that Mike was not the father.

The couple was released in April, and while WWE never declared who the dad was going to be, a fan asked Maria via Twitter. Now we know how the Kanellis baby daddy angle should have finished.

I have to say the ending makes me both happy and angry.

Happy, because it’s the right move. Angry, because why bother with the angle in the first place.

Things fell by the wayside thanks to the pandemic, and ultimately the program was killed off once WWE decided Mike and Maria were among those not essential to the company.

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