WWE Hall Of Fame

WWE’s Vince McMahon is known to think what he wants and be very stubborn. We are now learning Vince McMahon’s coronavirus thoughts, and they may explain a lot.

Also we have a new possible WWE Hall of Fame date to look forward to.

Vince McMahon – Coronavirus

Any fan who has been paying attention to WWE for any length of times knows about Vince McMahon. He’s got his ideas, and it is hard to change his mind.

Vince McMahon’s coronavirus thoughts might be the most troubling news in a while.

According to the Wrestling Observer, while McMahon has not spoken out on the record, according to sources there are concerns he is not taking the pandemic seriously.

That report lines up with what we can see.

Vince McMahon Coronavirus Thoughts

We’ve heard reports of testing initially being lacking for all involved at the Performance Center tapings.

It’s been well-covered that Roman Reigns opted out of his WrestleMania title match in April, and his decision did not sit well with WWE.

Most recently, an audience stand-in tested positive for coronavirus and WWE had no choice but to ramp up testing. As a result, it’s been reported that over two dozen employees-possibly including in-ring talent-have tested positive.

Renee Young is one of the bigger names to have it. When she spoke out about her test result, it apparently did not go over well with WWE leadership.

Given how WWE has been able to continue to operate, in spite of the ongoing crisis, it is troubling to hear that the head of WWE may not think it’s a big deal.

Considering some within WWE have already been unhappy with how things have been handled, this report can’t help make things any better.

Possible WWE Hall Of Fame Date

The WWE Hall of Fame 2020 event had been set for April, but was cancelled due to the pandemic. Now, there is a possible new WWE Hall of Fame date.

While nothing is concrete, according to Wrestling News, SummerSlam weekend is very much in consideration.

Clearly, WWE would like to have this event as soon as feasible.

There are many hurdles to doing this, however.

The Bella Twins

For starters, over the last several weeks, many states have experienced a surge in cases. On top of that, we don’t even know where SummerSlam actually will be this year.

The event had initially been booked for Boston, but that city’s mayor has already banned large indoor gatherings until at least after Labor Day. Exceptions are possible, but given what we are seeing, this would seem unlikely.

There are plenty of other logistical concerns to figure out, too. On top of when, there is of course the where.

Would WWE have the event in the Performance Center or Full Sail, with limited and socially distanced guests in attendance?

For that matter, would any or all of the inductees either be able to, or even want to, risk attending? Both Bella Twins are pregnant, so it would seem highly unlikely that they would attend.

Jushin “Thunder” Liger may have challenges coming in from Japan as well.

I will say this: the Hall of Fame speeches, both by the presenters and honorees, can be special. It may be possible to pull this off, virtually, and still provide a special moment for all involved.

Beyond that, it’s not an essential event, so it seems odd to be pushing to make it happen, given all that is going on.