NXT Champion Sticking Around

There’s been plenty of speculation to the contrary, but a long-standing NXT Champion will be sticking around. Also, In Your House provided a trip down Memory Lane, but fans missed out on a flashback.

NXT Champion Sticking Around

Heading into NXT TakeOver: In Your House, there was a lot of chatter about Adam Cole and his contract status. We now know the NXT Champion is sticking around.

According to PWInsider, Cole has north of eighteen months remaining on his current contract. That, coupled with any expected non-compete clause, would mean the soonest Cole could land somewhere else would be around two years.

He might have his eye on AEW. AEW may have their eye on him. 

Either way, the leader of Undisputed Era is locked in with WWE until close to 2022.

NXT Champion Sticking Around

There is some uncertainty on how the length is what it is. Some indicate that Adam Cole did in fact sign an extension to his original WWE deal, hence the added time.

Most Superstar contracts tend to be three year terms, and Cole will have been with WWE three years this August.

For fans of Adam Cole, that is excellent news. While he and the Undisputed Era are certainly positioned as heels, they are actually quite popular.

There has been talk of Cole moving up to the main roster, in part to help keep him with WWE. While such a move may not be needed due to his contract status, it has to just be a matter of time before we see Adam Cole dominating the main roster.

Fans Missed Out On Flashback

Speaking of In Your House, last night’s NXT TakeOver show was a great blast of nostalgia. That nostalgia paired nicely with an excellent card.

While we did get plenty of blasts from the past, we didn’t get all the ones that WWE had hoped to deliver.

We got Todd Pettengill shilling for the WWE Shop, complete with a 900 number pitch. There were NXT themed WWE ice cream bars.

We even got Adam Cole reprising a Bret Hart IcoPro spot!

There was not, however, any Dok Hendrix. Michael Hayes, the man behind that on screen character, declined to participate.

During the post-TakeOver conference call, Triple H said he tried really hard to get the Dok character back on the air for the show.

However, Hayes was apparently extremely opposed to the move, for whatever reason.

It’s exciting to see how passionate Hunter is and was about this particular TakeOver theme. With NXT beginning to get some annual shows we can look forward to (like WarGames), perhaps In Your House is going to be added to the list.

If we do get another In Your House next year, maybe by then Michael Hayes will have warmed up for a Dok Hendrix reprisal.

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