Tiger King Carole Baskin win Joe Exotic's zoo and tigers

Self-proclaimed “Tiger King” Joe Exotic is likely screaming a bunch a profane diatribes today in his jail cell after learning that archnemesis Carole Baskin was awarded his former Oklahoma Zoo by a federal judge. Even more stinging is the fact that she has also set her sights on Joe’s tigers from the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park. 

Hey, Cool Cats And Kittens!

The Netflix series “Tiger King” captivated Americans at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. We were all locked in our homes and needed something to entertain us.

Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin proved to be just the entertainment that no one wanted but everyone needed. Viewers were bewildered yet glued to their screens as the larger than life story just seemed to get wilder at each turn. 

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Self-described big cat activist Baskin will soon be taking control of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, which served as the backdrop of “Tiger King.”

A judge ruled that Joe Maldonado-Passage aka Joe Exotic illegally signed the zoo over to Jeff Lowe in an attempt to prevent Baskin from taking over the zoo. Baskin’s claim arises from a  $1 million judgement she was awarded against Joe Exotic in a trademark case.

Jeff Lowe now has 90 days to vacate the property. The clock is already ticking. 

What Happens To Joe Exotic’s Tigers?

Many “Tiger King” fans are now wondering what will become of the tigers and other animals that were owned by the mullet-sporting once presidential candidate.  

Well don’t worry. Carole Baskin has a plan for them. 

From Fox News

“Over a year ago Mr. Lowe announced plans to move the animals to a location in Thackerville, OK that he has been constructing and he claims will be a better facility. He recently stated that he had funds to complete the zoo and a contractor who could complete it in a few months,” Baskin said.

Her statement continues: “If the need arises to make other plans to place the animals in new homes, Big Cat Rescue and the animal welfare organizations that have previously successfully placed big cats from large facilities in new homes stand ready to assist.”

Carole Baskin’s Husband’s Death

The Tiger King himself is currently sitting in jail after being convicted of putting out a hit to kill Baskin. So this is at least a third monumental victory for Baskin. But things aren’t all rosy for Baskin.

Since the Netflix show hit, police in Florida decided to reopen the case of her previous husband’s death. Many believe the big cat activist fed her previous husband, Don Lewis, to their tigers.

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Her latest legal victory makes for a strange twist if Baskin. The idea of Baskin sinking her claws into Joe’s beloved animals is unlikely to sit well with “Tiger King” fans.

Joe Exotic’s obsession with Carole Baskin was well documented on his YouTube channel. He even had a music video portraying Carole feeding her husband to a tiger. You can watch that below. 

Joe is currently seeking a pardon from President Donald Trump. He’s got a legal team lobbying the White House for his freedom.

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It’s a strange twist of fate to think that if he is pardoned, the “Tiger King” Joe Exotic won’t be returning to his zoo. And he might have to visit his animals with Carole Baskin. 

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