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“Tiger King”, the wild and bizarre Netflix documentary currently captivating the world, is turning into something more than just mindless entertainment. In the limited series, ‘Tiger King’ Joe Exotic is obsessed with his archnemesis, Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue, and her missing husband whose wealth and tiger empire she assumed. Now, the Hillsborough County Sheriff has officially reopened the 1996 disappearance of Carole Baskin’s husband Don Lewis and the leads are already coming in. Lewis’s attorney and personal friend Joe Fritz wants to help authorities crack this cold case.

Netflix’s “Tiger King” has provided Americans with much needed distraction during our coronavirus quarantine. The series packs more twists and turns than a roller coaster.

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One that self-proclaimed animal rights activists Carole Baskin didn’t see coming was that she’d become an antagonist. And that the world would be left asking if Baskin turned her wealthy second husband Don Lewis into tiger meat.

Cold Case Of Carole Baskin’s Husband Don Lewis Reopened

Sheriff Chad Chronister is taking advantage of the popularity of “Tiger King” to help crack the very cold case of Don Lewis’ disappearance.

In a genius move, the Sheriff took to Twitter to ask for new leads. Sheriff Chronister later said in a press conference that the department is now getting about six tips a day.

Chronister reports the tips so far haven’t been very substantive, but he is hopeful.

In addition, the Sheriff’s office has asked Carole Baskin to take a lie detector test. So far, she has refused.

The Sheriff, however, believes that people who were once loyal to Baskin may be willing to come forward thanks in part to the success of “Tiger King”.

“If you have seen the series … there was a lot of questions and theories of who was loyal and was someone really there as a spy,” Chronister told a local paper.

“So what we’re hoping is maybe someone has had a change of heart, maybe a relationship status has changed. Anything that will prompt someone to call with a legitimate lead, a piece of evidence,” he continued.

Others Trying To Get To The Bottom Of Carole Baskin And Don Lewis

Someone of importance has stepped up and offered to help solve the case. Joe Fritz was Don Lewis’ attorney and personal friend. He also appeared in “Tiger King” to discuss Lewis’ disappearance.

Fritz told TMZ that he knows what happened to his friend and he’s willing to discuss it with police. He claims there is much more to the story than was even discussed in the series, and that he wants to spill all of the beans to get justice for his friend Don Lewis. 

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“Tiger King” has consumed the country and launched a million memes and might be returning for a second season.

It’s popularity has also grabbed the attention of others and might even lead to a spin off.

Most notably, Derrick Lavasseur of Discovery ID’s “Breaking Homicide” is also trying to crack the case. Given this development, Carole Baskin could be in for a world of hurt.

Even if Baskin is never charged with Lewis’ death, the suspicion of her her involvement could prove to be devastating for her Big Cat Rescue.

Don Lewis’ own granddaughter also released a recent video saying that she believes Carole Baskin killed her grandpa.

Tiffany Lewis also thanked Joe Exotic for trying to get justice for her family. You can watch that video in the tweet below. But be aware that the language is not safe for work. 


Joe Exotic Music Video With Look Alike Carole Baskin

Don Lewis was declared dead five years after he went missing.  While Baskin maintains her innocence, the conspiracy theories about her involvement in his death continue to haunt her.

Joe Exotic taunted Carole Baskin for years over it. He even found a woman who looks like her to star in his music video and feed meat to tigers as a reminder that he believed she killed her husband.

You can watch “Here Kitty Kitty” in the video below.

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