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Joe Exotic is going right to the top in his quest to be exonerated and released from prison. The Tiger King’s legal team is preparing an official request for a pardon from President Trump. While Exotic follows formal channels, his supporters have launched their own larger than life campaign to free the Tiger King.

“Tiger King” provided us with the ultimate pandemic entertainment earlier on in the coronavirus ourtbreak. As we hunkered down in our houses, this bizarre story of the battle of tiger aficionados was the train wreck we all needed to take our minds off things. 

Joe Exotic Goes To Prison

“Tiger King” Joe Exotic is in prison for ordering a hit on rival Carole Baskin.

But, there appears to be some doubt surrounding the case and many believe the Tiger King was wrongly convicted.

The government’s star witness, Allen Glover, doesn’t have a glamorous reputation and isn’t seen by many as being reliable and honest. Glover is the tattooed ex-con zoo handyman that Joe Exotic allegedly paid to off Baskin. 

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President Trump was asked about a pardon for Joe Exotic at a press conference a couple weeks ago. While he wasn’t familiar with the situation, the President said he would look into it.

His son, Donald Trump Jr, however. is on Team Tiger King. And Don Jr. has even advocated for Joe Exotic’s release as you will hear in the tweeted video below. 

Joe Exotic’s Road To A Trump Pardon

Joe Exotic’s supporters are taking this pardon request on the road. These fans wrapped an RV and are using it as a billboard to get attention about the Tiger King’s plight for a pardon.

Just imagine seeing this on the road! They want Joe Exotic out of prison and they want it to happen now!

This is apparently a serious movement now with lawyers involved. As the coronavirus pandemic has proved, anything can happen.
Video of the Tiger King Pardon RV is below. These supporters are on a crusade!
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