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Doc Antle
Doc Antle, a zoo owner known from the documentary Tiger King, has been arrested and charged with money laundering
Jeff Dunham Bubba J Comedy Central Christmas special Jeff Dunham's Completely Unrehearsed Last-Minute Pandemic Holiday Special
December 21, 2020
Comedian Jeff Dunham explains to his friend Bubba J why he is supposed to wear a mask over his mouth and nose and not over his eyes.
Tiger King Carole Baskin DWTS missing husband ad
September 15, 2020
‘Tiger King’s Carole Baskin got a blast from the past when the family of her missing husband took an ad out during her DWTS debut.
Dancing With The Stars Tom Bergeron
September 2, 2020
“Dancing With The Stars” fans reacted to the season 29 cast reveal by making it clear they care about Tom Bergeron more than Carole Baskin.
Tiger King Carole Baskin win Joe Exotic's zoo and tigers
Carole Baskin was awarded control of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park by a federal judge this week and has a plan for Joe Exotic’s tigers.
Joe Exotic Tiger King President Donald Trump pardon
Joe Exotic’s legal team is working on a formal pardon request for the Tiger King from President Trump while his supporters crusade around the country.
Miranda Lambert Joe Exotic
Country music star Miranda Lambert is in hot water after posting photos of herself with Joe Exotic, star of the Netflix documentary series “Tiger King.”
OJ Simpson thinks 'Tiger King' Carole Baskin killed Done Lewis
While wearing latex gloves, OJ Simpson says Carole Baskin’s husband Don Lewis is ‘tiger sashimi’ after watching “Tiger King” on Netflix.
Tiger King Carole Baskin win Joe Exotic's zoo and tigers
Local authorities are trying to finally crack the cold case of Carole Baskin’s missing husband Don Lewis thanks to the popularity of Netflix’s “Tiger King”.
Joe Exotic’s first husband John Finlay told David Spade that Michael Jackson owned the alligators killed in a fire on the Netflix show “Tiger King”.