Bray Wyatt – Pycho Sid Incident, WWE Considering Lesbian Storyline

Bray Wyatt reveals an old WCW story involving an incident with Pycho Sid. In other news, WWE is considering a new lesbian storyline.

Bray Wyatt took to social media this week to reveal a rather remarkable childhood story involving Sycho Sid. In other news, the WWE is currently thinking about a new lesbian storyline.

Bray Wyatt – Pycho Sid Incident

Bray Wyatt reveals how Sycho Sid broke his rocketeer toy

When he was a child, the inventor of The Firefly Funhouse Bray Wyatt had a rather unfortunate incident with Sycho Sid in the WCW locker room. On social media, the WWE superstar revealed how Sid broke his Rocketeer Toy.

Wyatt continued by stating his friend Baking Jason bought him a new Rocketeer Toy. He also that he’s the man now, and that Sid still sucks.

Bray Wyatt Coming Out As The True Victor?

Bray Wyatt came out victorious in his Sycho Sid feud!

While it may have been an untimely end to Bray Wyatt’s Rocketeer Toy many years ago, the story has a happy ending for Wyatt. He’s also on top where weird gimmicks are concerned, so he far surpassed Sycho Sid.

WWE Considers Another Lesbian Storyline?

WWE considers another lesbian storyline

The lesbian storyline has been on WWE’s radar for some time. In fact, it seems the company tested the water with a lesbian storyline involving Lana and Liv Morgan some months ago.

While the storyline between Lana and Liv Morgan went nowhere, it did show the company it could pull off such a storyline. Of course, these matters must be handled carefully.

Sonya Deville Wants Lesbian Storyline

Sonya Deville wants lesbian storyline

WWE’s Sonya Deville has been quite outspoken about her own sexuality and revealed she wanted to be a role model for the LGBT community. Now, she is still pushing a lesbian storyline with WWE brass.

“I think anything’s possible. Especially this year, I don’t rule it out at all. Like I’ve said in the past, inclusion is important in every aspect of life, including sports entertainment, and I think that the company would agree on that. I think it’s definitely a possibility this year.”

Not Happy With Original Lesbian Storyline

Sonya and Mandy weren't happy with the original storyline

Both Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville pitched the lesbian storyline to the WWE several months ago. However, the company never seemed enthusiastic about it.

Mandy and Sonya were shocked when it was revealed Liv Morgan and Lana received the lesbian storyline. While it went nowhere, Sonya and Mandy seemed the more obvious choice to everyone.

Nevertheless, the company continued with the Liv Morgan and Lana angle, which made no sense whatsoever. You do have to wonder why they did not choose the people who proposed the angle in the first place?

Will Otis Romance Fizzle Out?

Will Otis romance fizzle out?

With so much talk about new lesbian storylines in the WWE, fans wonder if the romance angle between Mandy and Otis could fizzle out. Even though the crowd loves Otis and Mandy, the company could change its mind soon.

It does need to be said that Mandy came up with the Otis romance angle, so she might not want to give it up yet. Still, if the company could lay out an amazing lesbian storyline for Mandy and Sonya.

At this point, it is unclear which direction the company will take. One thing is certain though, if the Otis and Mandy combination fizzles out for the WWE, the lesbian storyline could still pop up.

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