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Bully Ray wanted out of the Dudley Boyz and was not afraid to tell Vince McMahon. Also, Sonya Deville is getting lots of praise by WWE management over her recent work.

Bully Ray On Dudley Boyz Being Finished

There are many famous tag teams and every generation has their favorite. For the last generation, they had many options as tag team wrestling was heavily featured. 

Some, will say The Dudley Boyz are the best and for good reason. For example, whatever promotion they landed in, Bubba Ray (now Bully Ray) and Devon usually left as tag champs.

During their last stint in WWE, Bubba Ray had enough. As a result, he was tired of losing and wanted to switch back to the Bully Ray gimmick.

This led a conversation with Vince McMahon about changing the direction of the team. Bubba Ray spoke about putting his foot down with Chris Van Vliet.

Bully Ray On Speaking With Vince McMahon

“I will say this. I had three meetings with Vince sit-downs one-on-one and not just Vince giving me the obligatory five minutes,” said Bully Ray. “These were real talks.”

“I remember telling him ‘I’m not doing the Dudley thing anymore, I’m done with this. Your version of the Dudleyz doesn’t work for me anymore. You told me what you wanted on day one. You paid us very handsomely. 

“We did what you wanted us to do. Bubba we want you to work with the New Day, we want you to work with the Usos, we want you to work with the Wyatts, we want you to work with any team that we throw in front of you and help get them to the next level.”

“After a year? It was getting a little […] I didn’t like the way the Dudleyz were getting stepped on. Vince owns the name. Vince can do whatever he wants with the Dudleyz, but I wasn’t doing it anymore.” 

“I went to him and said I’m done doing the Dudley stuff. I you’re gonna want me to keep doing the Dudley stuff I’m gonna split.”

In the end, the Dudley Boyz ended up departing WWE in the summer of 2016. They had only returned to the promotion one year prior. 

During those 12 months, they were unable to defeat New Day for the tag titles. Then, they quickly were used to elevate other teams before opting to not re-sign.

Nowadays, Bully Ray works for Ring of Honor and is still active. Meanwhile, Devon officially retired after not wrestling for about two years and works backstage for WWE.

SmackDown Star Praised

sonya deville

WWE is working with a limited roster, which means more TV time for select superstars. Sonya Deville has taken that opportunity and ran with it.

Now, according to Wrestling News, WWE management is noticing. They are impressed with Deville and how much the character as developed.

Besides her in-ring work, Deville has been impressive lately on the microphone. All of the attention stems from her current angle with Many Rose.

During WrestleMania season, WWE had an angle brewing for months with Otis trying to get a date with Rose. There were some hurdles, especially when Dolph Ziggler got involved. 

Later, fans learned that Deville and Ziggler were working together. The two were trying to keep Rose away from Otis.

In the end, it did not work and Otis scored a kiss at WrestleMania 36. Currently, we have Otis and Rose working opposite Ziggler and Deville.

Also, there is talk of Deville trying to land the TV Batwomen role since Ruby Rose left the spot. In conclusion, big things seem to be happening for Deville.

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