New Boneyard Match Details, Who Crafted Firefly Funhouse Concept

Now that it's over, we have new Boneyard match details. Also, who crafted the Firefly Fun House concept that was one of the big Sunday matches?

New Boneyard Match Details

New Boneyard Match Details
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One of the most unique matches of WrestleMania was shown to us on Saturday evening. The Boneyard Match between The Undertaker and AJ Styles served as the Night One main event. Now that the match has aired, we are learning about new and interesting details of this match (and of others, too).

With every WrestleMania match being pre-recorded, there were no doubt some re-shoots. That is a luxury of taping ahead of time-shooting things until you are pleased with the overall result. In the case of the Boneyard Match, it was obviously heavily produced.

It resembled a Hollywood theatrical production more than a typical WrestleMania match. In terms of run time, the match was not excessively long. In terms of time it took to get the footage needed to make that work? That is a different story.

That is an impressive amount of time invested in a single match, but by and large, fans were pleased with the final result.

In addition to the long shoot time, it’s been reported that virtually all of the talking between the two combatants was improvised. Triple H oversaw the match and gave the improv his blessing.

Another tidbit on the match was surrounding the entrance for The Undertaker. With The Phenom set to reprise a bit of his American Badass role, the biker entrance was planned.

However, WWE initially wanted to use a different location featuring an abandoned ditch, bridge and roadway. That report comes via What Culture. Unfortunately due to timing and logistics, WWE was not able to secure the necessary permits in time.

The entrance we did get was sufficiently good, however.

Who Crafted Firefly Fun House Concept

WWE had a challenging weekend to tackle. WrestleMania 36, once scheduled for a single night in Tampa, became a two night affair.

The move to two nights was largely driven by the need to restrict the number of people in the Performance Center at a given time.

The company took advantage of things and got creative with several matches. One of the most creative (and bizarre) was the match between John Cena and Bray Wyatt. So, who crafted the Firefly Fun House concept?

According to the Wrestling Observer, the driving forces behind this match were Bruce Pritchard and Bray Wyatt, for the most part. John Cena was the third creative voice in the huddle.

According to the report, Cena mostly offered changes to the original plans crafted by Pritchard and Wyatt. To that end, the report called Cena’s suggestions almost entirely positive in terms of their impact to the overall match.

As for that match, it was a bit of a polarizing one. There were plenty of WWE fans who loved just how creative and abnormal the match was.

There were plenty of others who thought it was too bizarre and not really a match. Regardless of whether you loved it or hated it, it was a significant match on the weekend and has garnered plenty of attention.

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