Will WWE Cut More, Original Liv Morgan Plans

Will WWE cut more? After a rough week last week, some wonder if more cuts are coming. Also, what were the other plans for Liv Morgan?

Will WWE Cut More

Will WWE Cut More
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By now, everyone probably knows last week was a rough week for WWE talents, in the interest of saving some money during this uncertain time. Still, it has to be asked: Will WWE cut more?

In terms of savings, the Wrestling Observer tossed out a figure in the range of $4 million per month that WWE could be saving. In terms of costs attached to the released talent, that figure is closer to $700,000 per month.

While neither is an insignificant amount, one is definitely much less. The larger figure factors in the delayed HQ move and other figures.

Now, after such a rough week that saw WWE cut ties to notable names like Rusev and Kurt Angle, as well as plenty of other known entities, it’s fair to ask if more are coming.

According to the Observer’s report, the expectation is that yes, there will be more. While there won’t be any guesses as to who or when, the thinking is we will see a few more added to the list.

The belief is, however, that any remaining cuts will likely not come from the main roster. Instead, any upcoming cuts are expected to hit NXT, in terms of talent and staff.

This actually may make some sense, if you look at the pattern of how we learned about the releases. A few of the final names from last week’s purge belonged to NXT (the notable one being Deonna Purrazzo).

No one likes seeing cuts, in this day and age. But, as businesses around the globe deal with the pandemic fallout, they are becoming more common.

Original Liv Morgan Plans

WWE likes to have several plans for Superstars. They kick them around and see which one sticks.

This is the same thing that Liv Morgan went through, as she underwent her re-imagining. Morgan, of course, returned to WWE at the beginning of 2020, expressing her love for Lana.

Her return was one of the brighter spots in an otherwise bizarre program. While the program had some big fans in Stamford, many in the WWE Universe have probably been happy not seeing more of it now.

So what were these original Liv Morgan plans?

According to Wrestling Observer Radio…there weren’t any.

While we’ve heard that Morgan has her supporters, and she’s shown flashes in the ring, WWE didn’t have any good gimmick for her to come back to. That is actually surprising, considering one thing we’d heard was she was off of TV to undergo a reimagining after her Riott Squad run.

Her use in the Lana/Rusev/Lashley wedding? That was a Paul Heyman idea.

Heyman wanted to get a big pop, and it was a way to just get Liv Morgan back onto television.

In that case, it worked. However, as with the Lana love triangle, the Morgan-Lana love story has pretty much fizzled.

While I can say I am happy to see such an odd angle dropped, it’s also somewhat frustrating that WWE seems to have so many writers on staff. Yet, they couldn’t cook something up with more substance and staying power.

That seems to encompass a lot of complaints about parts of the WWE product nowadays.



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